Thursday 2 January 2014

The Biscuiteers Product Review

   Twinings has recently worked in conjunction with the Biscuiteers on a collaboration set of biscuits. They have sold lovely sets of teacup and teapot biscuits, all hand iced by the Biscuiteers, and they have sold exclusive and, as far as I can tell, limited edition gingerbread men and women of 'tea ambassadors'. I was lucky enough to get one for free with an order I placed just before Christmas along with a gift for my great grandmother who then told me off for spending so much money on the lovely old woman and some tea for myself.
   I am not really a fan of gingerbread, it really depends on how much ginger has been added, and the less the better. So it took me some time to get around to eating my tea ambassador.

   The first thing I noticed, as you would, is the packaging of the biscuit. This biscuit was being sold for about £6 - that's a lot for a single, standard-sized gingerbread man biscuit. I would never have payed that for it, which is why I was so pleased to get one for free.
   The box the biscuit was in was far too good for a biscuit, which certainly hinted at its quality. The box is so thick and strong, and is in one piece with a hinged lid, and the illustration is to die for. When I opened it there was black corrugated plastic like what you get on top of chocolates in a chocolate box and it created a box itself. It also had a band of pink tissue paper (perhaps because it was a gingerbread woman, I'm not sure) around it with a lovely rolling pin sticker with their company name 'Biscuiteers' across it.

   When I opened it up, the gingerbread woman was securely lying inside. It was fixed down with icing on the back of the biscuit to keep it from slipping about, from breaking, or getting ruined in some way, which is entirely edible, though I will admit that I thought the amount of icing used was really a little too much, because obviously while it is an edible sort of glue, the taste of the icing does interfere with the biscuit itself.
   I received the biscuit on the 21st of December, and didn't eat it until the 29th. It was still perfectly firm, as if it had just been baked, as gingerbread should be. The amount of spice in the biscuit was minimal, but present, which made it the best gingerbread I've ever had, and the quality of icing was marvellous, which I think is half of what the company prides itself on. It was not machine-iced, but hand-iced, which the company mentions many times on their website, and it was done marvellously.

   I received this gingerbread biscuit as part of a promotion, not for the purpose of reviewing but simply as a reward for purchasing during a certain time period and spending over a certain amount. The Biscuiteers are highly expensive, but I adore the company if simply for the care they take over their products. The packaging the biscuit came in made it quite plain that the London company have great respect for their products, and also avoids any chance of breakage - no one likes a broke biscuit, whether it costs £6 or just 50p.
   They sell tins of hand-iced biscuits, and individual gingerbread men and woman of different professions including nurses, firemen, wonder woman and so on on their website, starting at £6, and by signing up to their newsletter you receive £5 off of your first biscuit tin. They ship worldwide and ice cakes and chocolates too. I love it, and only wish I could afford more! Gingerbread men and women would make amazing gifts!


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