Friday 26 July 2013

Tofu Cute

    A good friend of mine sent me some adorable Japanese biscuits a few months ago to cheer me up when I was on a downer. They were Hello Pandas - cute panda-shaped puffy biscuits with chocolate inside them. They reminded me of awesome chocolate biscuits I had when I was younger, but I can't remember the name of them, and I've not seen them for years, either. They were the same sort of puffed out biscuit, but just circular, and had a brown line drawing of aliens and space ships on them. Anyone remember?

   Either way, I loved these Hello Pandas, and recently had a quick search online to see if I could find some. After the first few websites wanted substantial shipping, I came across Tofu Cute. The first thing I noticed was how pink their website was, which contrasted to the dull, grown-up colours of the others. There were hearts and kawaii drawings everywhere, which really got across the childish Japanese theme that these biscuits put in my mind. Fortunately, they stocked these biscuits, along with other flavours, and loads of other products. I'd seen some similar items on Storenvy - DIY gummy sweet sets with the gummy sweet unfinished, and a mold to pour it in. I've had my eye on them for ages, but never bought them. Tofu Cute had them, but I went without this time.
   They're based in the UK, which is awesome as far as shipping speed and price goes, but they ship worldwide. They have cute washi tapes, stationery, funny little toys and phone docks (I particularly like the llama), but loads of Japanese, Korean and Thai sweets, too!
   I had a good sale the other day, so I put in an order, which I received two days ago.
   I imagine a lot of you feel the same, but I was quite apprehensive about trying some of them. Not for any stupid reasons like I was worried it would contain something weird, but rather just because I was worried the chocolate, biscuit or sweet would be gross. Things differ all over the world. For example, I know that American chocolate is foul. I've tried it. And not only that, but I know people in the US who have sworn by their chocolate, then tried British chocolate and have sworn off of the US stuff. I was apprehensive about Dutch chocolate, too, when I went to The Netherlands, but that turned out to be just as good as some English chocolate. Don't get me wrong, though: not all of our chocolate is great.
   Well, we tried some of the Korean biscuits first. Seeg said they looked like dog biscuits, and they did, but they were gorgeous. The biscuit was wafer - good wafer - and the chocolate inside was soft. The chewy sweets were interesting - lovely and soft, but they had a few gummy sweets inside them which added an odd but good texture. The pandas were, of course, awesome, but I've not yet tried the most important product: the chocolate bar. That chocolate bar will more or less solidify any views I have on Japanese confectionary, and will also be an indicator on whether or not I could survive there.
   That's not really true. I could live without chocolate. I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy the food in Japan enough to get past it :P

   These are particularly exciting - candy floss with popping candy. What more can you want?! Check out Tofu Cute - they ship worldwide with quite reasonable shipping prices. Plus, the more you add to your cart, the happier the cart becomes! It's so cute :D


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