Tuesday 9 July 2013

Christmas In July - The Sale Has Started

   I decided to start my sale a little earlier than planned. A lot of other shops are doing the same, and I figured that it's relatively unlikely that I'd sell anything before the sale started anyway. So! Here are my updated promotions:

   Both Peaches and Pebbles and Grumble Cave Monsters have 25% off across the whole stores, subtracted automatically by Etsy On Sale. There is also a code in Peaches and Pebbles' banner which gets free worldwide shipping.

   The 10-piece jewellery set plus 2 £10/$15 gift cards is now available. The nebula earrings have been swapped for a nebula ring, and the rabbit in a jar necklace has been swapped for a limited edition ring. The total set is worth approximately £195 ($290) and is being sold for £80 (approximately $120) - which saves £115 / $170 and basically means that every piece in the bundle is less than half price each. This listing is limited to 5 overall purchases, so once those 5 bundles are gone, they're gone.

   There are also four new limited edition listings: Aztec feather earrings, Aztec feather necklaces and Aztec feather rings, with the fourth listing being a discounted set of all three pieces. These four listings won't be available after July, so this is the only time to get them! If they're successful, I may bring them back, but it is looking far more likely that they won't be returning, so don't take that chance!

   Grumble Cave Monsters still has its Constellation plushies, a few monsters, and 5 plushie PDF patterns (and more still coming) all of which are now 25% off. The PDFs are instant download and are suitable for beginners - goodness knows I'm terrible at sewing, but I created them! The patterns are suitable for machines, but I hand-stitched everything.

These promotions expire at 11:59pm on the 21st, so the sale will be running for just 12 days from this moment. These promotions will not be returning, save perhaps around Black Friday, if it goes well this time. So if you've been putting off buying from me, now is seriously the time to do it!


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