Friday 5 July 2013

Christmas In July - BIG changes!

EDIT: the sale has begun! Check this blog post out for the updated jewellery bundle and the release of the limited edition aztec feather jewellery!

   As I'm sure most of you know, the Christmas In July shopping promotion season is just about upon us. In fact, a lot of shops have already started up their promotions! But I wanted to just let you know what Peaches and Pebbles, and Grumble Cave Monsters are doing for the event.
   First of all, let me start by saying that if you've been putting off of buying from me for any reason, or for opening a commision with me, now is the time to do it.
   Both Peaches and Pebbles and Grumble Cave Monsters will have 25% automatically deducted from every price in each shop via EtsyOnSale. They will each have a further discount in their shop banners featuring a free worldwide shipping code. So that's pretty great.
   To start with.
   Peaches and Pebbles takes the lead here with a few additional limited and promotional features:

   The above image shows my biggest promotion - however, is has undergone changes since this image's creation. The bundle is now worth about £195, so is worth an additional £30, but the £80 purchase price has not changed. The changes have come in the form of 2 additional £10/$15 gift cards, and two items have been replaced - the nebula earrings have been replaced with a nebula ring, and the rabbit jar has been replaced with a very limited edition ring.
   Which brings me onto my second point: there will be four new listings accompanying this one, each of which is highly limited edition. There will be a listing for the ring which has been added to the bundle, a listing for a matching pair of earrings, a listing for a matching necklace, and a listing to buy all three together at a discounted price. But the necklace is particularly special. The chain is in either silver plated, or gold plated, as opposted to the usual silver-plated-only that is in my shop, and the chain also fits differently. The chain fits around the neck, like a loose choker, and has an extension chain at the back to lengthen it if necessary. The remainder of the 20 inch chain hangs straight down, with the Aztec feather pendant at the end. The chain hangs at about 5 inches from the collar bone, and the Aztec feather measures about 4 inches itself. If desired, of course, I can put it on an ordinary chain.

   I have no images just yet for these feathers. They were a real nightmare to make, which is why they will be limited edition. If they get an amazing reception, I may bring them back in a few months - so they will either be limited edition, or a sneak peak a few months in advance. It is unlikely that they will return, however.

   So this is what is happening in my shop from the 11th to the 21st. On the 24th it is my shop's 2nd birthday, so there will likely be a few giftcard giveaways dotted around the web, as well as a smaller discounted flash sale, with free items. So be sure to watch this space for images of the new jewellery, and for the updated image of the bundle!


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