Wednesday 3 July 2013

10 Minute Solutions Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix Review

Price: £5
No equipment needed.

   I have to say, this is one of my absolute favourites. Latin dance is so much fun, the music is just amazing, and the instructor really knows exactly what she's doing. The moves involve an awful lot of hip movements, which almost always gives me a stitch down my right side. One way to counter this, however, is to ensure you warm up properly.
   A lot of the moves in each segment are similar to one another, but it doesn't feel repetative at all. She's a very fast-paced instructor, who, like the rest, is always smiling and giving words of encouragement. You work up a damn good sweat with it. It's probably the third hardest DVD I have, partly because of the stitch I get, but also because of the fact that she doesn't give you much chance to rest during each segment. But that's a good thing. It's not a DVD for beginners, so much as it's more for intermediate dancers. As far as I'm concerned.
   I've always loved Latin dance, so this DVD is just wonderful for me, it really appeals to me. I've never really thought I had hips, and I could certainly never shake them, but thanks to this DVD, I've actually found them. It took me 22 years, but I found them.

   As with the other 10 Minute Solutions DVDs, you can customise your work out by lining up any 5 workouts in any order. This DVD doesn't feature too many difficult to understand movements, but it might take some time if you're anything like me to get the moves right. I've had this DVD for a few months and I'm having a hard time doing some of them, particularly the 'Come Here arms' in one of the routines - the third, I think. I just can't get the hips right on that one.
   It's one of the better DVDs because it's so very much fun, but like the instructor in the first DVD I reviewed, I do believe that she would be a relatively strict instructor. But she's all smiles in this DVD.


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