Monday 15 July 2013

Giveaways and Tokyo!

   Hey guys! I've been quite busy with my shop lately. I've been doing my best to get my Christmas In July sale off of the ground but it doesn't seem to be doing much, which is an amazing nuisance at the moment given summer finances, however, I do have a few giveaways running.

   Peaches and Pebbles' second birthday is coming up on the 24th of July, and I have two $30/£20 gift cards up for grabs! The first is happening over on Habitual Homebody - one of my favourite blogs - from the 15th (today!) to the 17th, and the second is happening over at Aquariann from the 1st of August to a date yet to be confirmed. They're open worldwide, and the gift cards are for use in my shop specifically on Etsy.

   I also have a slightly different giveaway happening over on my WoW blog, The Wyvern's Tail, for a World of Warcraft Epic Collection, which was donated by Chaos Cards. It's open worldwide, from the 14th to the 28th of July, so if you or anyone you know likes to play WoW, head over and enter. The Epic Collection is part of the WoW trading card game, but Epic Collections guarantee a loot card. For those of you unfamiliar with the WoW trading card game, loot cards are special trading cards with gold scratch-off strips that can be pulled out of ordinary WoW booster packs, and beneath the golden strip is a code to redeem online. That code then generates another code, which you can redeem in the actual online game at Booty Bay, for an in-game item. The guaranteed loot card is the Eye of the Legion - a demonic felgreen eye which follows your character around, and can be used in the new pet battle feature.
   The Epic Collection is one I own myself, and the Eye of the Legion is one of my favourites, and I use it all the time on my Undead Warlock. So, like I said, if you, your brother, your boyfriend or bestie plays WoW, head over and enter and see if you can bag them an awesome gift. The Epic Collection also includes 6 booster packs which each have the chance to give an additional loot card. I've had 2 Epic Collections - War of the Ancients, and Twilight of the Dragons. The War of the Ancients didn't get me a second loot card, but the Twilight of the Dragons did give me a duplicate loot card of its guaranteed one, which I then sold.

   I have also been lucky enough to have been contacted by Violet and Claire - this adorable little shop in Tokyo which stocks works by artists all over the world. My envelope ring will be stocked for a limited amount of time both in their online shop, and in their physical one. I'm really excited about that, so I'm really hoping they sell well so that they'll want a few more.


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