Friday 31 May 2013

Zukr Boutique Review

   I love marshmallows, as some of you probably know. I do. My favourites are those little white/pink/peach miniature ones you can get in sweet shops. I like to skewer them onto a fork and hold them over a candle, like my own tiiiny little camp fire. Seriously, you get so many for 50p, it's unreal.
   But over the past year, as some of you might also have noticed, I've become rather fond of 'gourmet' marshmallows - hand crafted marshmallows with unique/wonderful tastes that you just can't get in Tesco or Sainsbury's. I bought several packs of candy cane marshmallows from Lottie's Cupcakes over Christmas.

   But today I'm here to talk to you about another wonderful marshmallow maker, whose shop is just filled with mouth-watering marshmallows and other sweet delights. Zukr Boutique.
   Some of you may have seen them on Etsy - their photography is outstanding, so I wouldn't be surprised. They're UK-based, which is lovely for me, but they ship worldwide, too.

   This is my third purchase from them. My first was a pack of blueberry marhsmallows - and boy, were they blueberry-ey! They were delicious, and most of them ended up in my hot chocolate rather quickly. After such a delicious and surprisingly bouncy packet of marshmallows, I was back for more. This time, I managed to snap some pictures before everything, uh, vanished. My second purchase consisted of Hibiscus flavoured marshmallows.

   They were so sweet - too sweet, perhaps, for hot chocolate - but they were delicious, and I've never had any marshmallow like it before. I don't usually use such expressions, but I swear they were melt-in-the-mouth amazing. And so very, very spongey, I gave one to my boyfriend and just said "squish this" - and he did. Then he ate it the cheeky bugger!
   They are delicious, but no match for the blueberry marshmallows.

   My third purchase was of these brand new dark chocolate-coated raspberry marshmallows. I never used to like dark chocolate, but I have surprisingly learned to love it. It's very strange stuff - sweet but bitter at the same time, but I am quite fond of it. Don't get me wrong, I'll choose milk chocolate over it, but if I'm craving some chocolate and the only thing within five feet of me is dark, I'll happily eat it.
   So these appealed to me greatly. The chocolate layer is very thin, so there's not much chocolate on them, but considering I was buying them 75% for the marshmallow, that was a good thing. The marshmallow was amazing, and the fruitiness was still present despite the chocolate, because it was so thin. They've ended up in a hot chocolate on more than one occasion, and were amazing.
   When I received them, they were packaged safely in a box, as all of Zukr Boutique's products are, but a lot of the marshmallows looked cracked and crushed. Well, I was wrong. I hesitated eating them because I wanted to get a picture for this post, and I didn't want to accidentally eat all the good ones and leave the broken ones. When I got around to photographing them, however, I found that the two I had already eaten, and two that were in the bag were the only cracked ones, and the rest were fine, aside from the expected wear and tear they get rubbing up against eachother.

   I'll certainly be returning to Zukr in the future. They have some more marshmallows I want to try, and, frankly, I want some more of these. They just released a pack of marshmallows that are as much eye candy as actual candy, and I NEED them for that simple fact. I'm sure you can see what I'm talking about:

Thanks for reading. Now stop reading and head over to Zukr and buy me yourself these marshmallows! First class shipping, safe packaging, as standard. Amazing service, too!
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