Monday 13 May 2013


Listening: To the sounds of Return of Warrior, and the Fall of the Lich King soundtrack.

Thinking: About my writing. I've done very well lately to keep up with my writing. I get quite upset with it sometimes when I think about how long it will take for me to convince anyone I'm worth the risk, and that sort of paralyses me, but lately I just said "fuck it" and I'm getting on with it. I've managed to knock out a chapter within a week, which is excellent, and I'm hoping the productivity will continue. I'm really enjoying the book.

Waiting: For our anniversary. Seeg and I will be together for 3 years on the 17th of this month, and I've been working out what to get him as a gift. He's a particular nuisance because, while I freely mention the things I want to try to give him hints and a helping hand, he says nothing, so I'm forced to guess. Occasionally he'll mention that he wants a new champion for League, or a new game, but this is so infrequent, and the former is so mundane, that they won't make suitable gifts. Fortunately, I've said "fuck it" again and am going out on a whim with an idea for a gift. I have no other options, because he wants very little. I assume it's because he's male.

Watching: The final season of Avatar. It's such a great program. It's like anime, in the sense that it's animated, and has a story that flows from one episode to another, but it's not because, well, it's American. Which means I can watch it, and ignore it at the same time. I can craft while it's on because I can follow the story by sound, but with Bleach or Naruto, I have no idea what's being said unless I watch the screen.
I've also been watching a lot of Dad's Army, I think I've watched the entire 9 season boxset back to back twice, and I'm now on my third run. And do you know I've learnt something from it! They don't like it up 'em. They really don't like the cold steel.

Reading: The last book of the Elenium. I admit that I've slacked with reading it lately because I've been doing more writing, but the trilogy is so good that I'm not keen to finish it anyway. But I have about 10 more books to read afterwards, so I should probably get cracking.

Playing: Minecraft and World of Warcraft, when I'm not working on anniversary gifts or writing.

Obsessing: Money. We've not got much, and our anniversary has maxed out what little we did have. Fortunately, I put my Wacom up on ebay and got a bid within the first two hours, so that will sell on Sunday, and I've got my Tophatter auction on Wednesday the 22nd - I desperately hope that that goes well, too. If it does then we might be all right. I'd hugely appreciate it if some of you could help spread the word, though.

Wondering: I won a competition with a fitness magazine this morning that gave me 2 boxes of Real Nutrition Co shakes, and some Real Nutrition Co snack bars. They're supposed to help your body recover after exercise, and since I won them, I figure I'll use them. They're worth a lot of money, afterall. If the first week goes well with them and they don't somehow make me ill, I'll make some reviews of them after set periods of time. I've always wondered about things like this.

Excited: For our anniversary, my Tophatter auction, our stay-at-home holiday, and about the return of my butterfly friendship necklaces. I was speaking to Lisa DiSciascio of Starlight Woods, and she helped me with resin, so now I have a much better finish on my necklaces. I'm really pleased because they were very popular! The only problem is that I've run out of blue ink - specifically blue - so I can't print any blue morphos. If anyone in the UK fancies helping me out, I can send the file and you can print a sheet for me. Yes? No? Worth a shot. Ink is bloody expensive and I can't afford any more.

I hope everyone is doing well. I got a wonderful postcard from Hawaii in the post this morning which brightened my day. I was preparing to say "I NEVER GOT A POST CARD" as a joke, but...well, I did. Post cards aren't sent out nearly as much as they should be, so I'm honoured to be thought of even while my friend was in a place so much more spectacular than Britain.


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