Tuesday 7 May 2013

New Animal Jars!

   I've just got some new animal jars up in my shop! I'm really very proud of them, but it's very hard to take photographs of the fully white pieces, so they look a bit fuzzy and off, but they do look good. I promise!
   Each of the pieces below, along with almost all of my Etsy shop, is now available on Storenvy. I also have a Tophatter auction coming up on Wednesday the 22nd of May at 11am Pacific Time. I'll post more about that soon, along with how you can get a free $5 Tophatter credit to use towards any auction! If you're impatient, however, then I'll tell you now: download the free TopHatter iPhone app, which allows you to access and bid on auctions on the go, and then enter the code 17a97 on the settings page. You can even use this credit towards my own auction, so do join in! Like I said, more info regarding the auction will be coming soon.

You can also get 20% off of Peaches and Pebbles on Etsy today only with the code MAYDAY13


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