Wednesday 29 May 2013

Xbox One

I'm an Xbox fangirl. I am. I've never liked Playstations, I've always hated their controllers. I've always felt that Xboxes looked better, their controllers were so comfortable, the name was nice, and the games that were limited to the Xbox were amazing (Halo and Fable).
   Admittedly the games limited to the Xbox have gone downhill, since Halo was taken over from Bungie by 343 Industries and they made several massive mistakes from the game itself to general customer service, and Fable has been utterly destroyed thanks to Fable 3, Fable Heros and whatever the other shit spewing game came out in the series with it all.
   So to be honest there is little incentive to me for Xboxes any more, as far as limited games go. Still, I would choose and Xbox over a Playstation.
   Or so I thought.

   They announced the Xbox One on the 21st of May, and they described it as a "home entertainment" system", and explained that they wanted a "livingroom experience". It has been confirmed that you cannot even turn the machine on without a Kinect, a device which a lot of people don't actually like or want (we certainly don't want it). Our Xbox is in the bedroom, and there's no room in there to use a Kinect unless we want voice activation rubbish, which we don't.
   It has also been confirmed that you always need an internet connection, so if your 'net dies, you can't play it, and we don't even have WiFi, so we have to tread a new cable through the floor. The reason an internet connection is constantly needed is because your games aren't saved to the console, it's saved to Cloud, which is an online feature. Without the internet, you can't even play an offline single-player-only game like Skyrim.
   It isn't backwards compatible, so you can't play Xbox or Xbox 360 games on it, only Xbox One games, which, to begin with, of course, will be very limited.
   They will also charge you a fee for playing preowned games. At the moment, you can go into any good games store and find a pre-owned section, where you can get games for a lower price because people have played them, gotten tired of them, brought them back into the shop and sold it to them. If the disc is in working order, the shop is able to resell it at a lower rate, and people can buy games they're not 100% certain about without paying full price. If it turns out to be a shit game, no harm done. But Xbox One will charge you a fee - we don't know how much or how little it is yet - but it's completely absurd.

Seeg said that with everything he reads, he's leaning more and more towards
the PS4, which will come out around the same time.
I told him I'm already over there waiting for him.

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