Saturday 11 August 2012

Beginning to Panic...

   Yes, here comes another post about my agency hunt, with nothing new to really tell. I'm very concerned. It was about 2 months ago today (just about 9 weeks ago) that I sent my first material manuscript (printed and sent via post rather than email) out to a promising agency, following a request after a preliminary letter.
   I obviously understand, of course, that it can take a very long time to hear back, because agencies receive lots of manuscripts every day, but can only take on about 2 new clients a year, or something similar (the more clients the agents have, the less work and time they can give to each individual, so they try to keep their lists small). That said, on average, it can take about 7 weeks to hear back from agencies after sending your work in to them. I was hoping that within that time I'd have heard from them, but 9 weeks have passed now, and I'm just a tad worried.

   The dimensions of the package I sent them was on the border of the maximum dimensions for a large letter. I took it to the post office to have it checked, but because I intended to wrap it in brown paper to make it look more parcel-like than packet-like, I hadn't sealed it up. To ensure weight wouldn't be a problem, I added a small catalogue into the package when I took it to have the postage sorted (don't worry, I did remove that before sending it), and I also had to stamp the extra envelope inside so it could be sent back to me once they'd decided whether they did or didn't want it.
   I did all that, then when I came home, I stamped the self addressed envelope, put it inside, and wrapped the whole thing.

    Now, bubble wrap envelopes (I chose for protection - waterproof and tearing) have those flat bits around the edges, I taped them against the envelope itself in hopes of reducing the length and width slightly, then I wrapped it up. The weight didn't change - in fact it probably lessened slightly - but the thickness did after I tied string around it. I measured it, and it should still have been fine.
   Now, if the postage isn't quite enough, then instead of it being delivered to the recipient, they receive a card asking them to pay the rest of the shipping, and a £1 handling fee - I doubt an agency would pay it, to be honest. They're not stingey, but it's not their responsibility to cover postage, especially not for people who aren't even their clients.

   My concern is this: enough time has passed for them to have received it (in fact, if they have, they could be reading it right this moment and I'll feel like a muppet in a few days' time), read it, and responded, I'd think - but enough time has also passed for a request for postage to have expired. Once this happens, the package is returned to its sender. I wrote my address on the back of the envelope it all went in - but I don't remember if I wrote it on the back of the wrapped package.
   If postage wasn't enough, then I may never see it again, and the past 9 weeks have been spent waiting for nothing to happen.

   I sent them an email today, attaching the picture of the package (thank goodness for being a blogger!) and asked if they recognised it. I'm hoping, since it was a small agency, and my package doesn't look too ordinary, they should hopefully recognise it. Hopefully I'll hear back to that email in a few days.
   In the mean time, I'm going to make sure to add stamped, addressed postcards to the packages so that I'll know when it's been received/opened to save me this hassle and worry. I read that it was a good idea somewhere a while ago but it never occurred to me at the time. I suppose I can use it as an opportunity to show more of my personality by the cards I choose, and from what I've read, your personality is almost as important as your writing - you have to be sellable, as well as your work, I think.

   I really hope I'm worrying over nothing, but at least if they don't recognise the package, I can safely assume they won't be receiving it, and send it all again, with a postcard.
   Sorry to blather on about the same old stuff, but I've been worrying an awful lot about it lately.

No Kysharok this week, I've been very busy working
on the monster plush shop and didn't have time to write
an installment. I certainly will next week, though!


  1. I am still receiving feedback from a book proposal I sent out via email ages ago from some agents. Don't worry, inquire politely as you have, and we'll see where you get to.


  2. Ugh the waiting would drive me absolutely INSANE.


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