Tuesday 14 August 2012

New Prizes for 'Destroy This Journal' - Camera Coats

   I love camera coats. I own one myself, and it's just awesome. It seriously gives your camera that little bit extra! So I'm very excited to tell you that Emily of Camera Coats has very kindly donated a $20 Camera Coats giftcard! That shears off a fair bit of the price, but it's definitely worth the full price either way! They're durable, so cute, individual designs aren't available constantly, which means you'll be only one of a handful of people with that design, and she even has waterproof ones! I have my eye on one in particular so when I go to London in May next year I'll be fine against the rain - it's England, rain is guaranteed. I suppose we should have told the Olympic spectators that before they boarded their planes!

   The prizes are really piling up now! It only takes a few days of fun and lazy work to destroy a journal, so it's easy to enter! See the competition page for details on how to do so!


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