Saturday 18 August 2012

New Prizes for 'Destroy This Journal' -

   Washi tape is very big right now. I love the stuff, personally! It's a material I use a lot whether it's paper craft, packaging or just generally trying to bling something up, so I'm really pleased that 3 rolls are now another prize on the list!, a great website just full of delicious papery goodness, has donated 3 rolls of 15mm wide, 15m long tapes for the winner of the 'Destroy This Journal' competition! I'd love to win that, to be honest! I'm a simple person, so a golden journal and some nice new washi tape would do me very well!

   Follow their facebook for news of sales and giveaways - I certainly am!

♦In the event that one of the tapes is unavailable,
the winner will be entitled to choose a replacement.


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