Thursday 23 August 2012

Sponsor Call & Junk

   Well, the free ads are over, but the cost is still quite low. The two ad sizes - medium and large - both come with guest post spots, and the ads run for 30 days. Have a gander at the Sponsor Page to apply.

   On another note, we finally have a new mattress. Our old one came with the bed, and wasn't great quality because we couldn't afford a better one. Springs have been sticking in my ribs for a year and a half now, and it's gotten worse and worse. So finally having a mattress that won't dictate where I can and can't lie is wonderful. I might stop accidentally (yes...accidentally...) stealing Seeg's side in the night now!
   It's a bit higher than the old one, so for me with my little legs it's really very noticable. I stood on it to get the duvet cover straightened and almost fell off of it rather than climb.
   I've never been so productive, too! When we took the mattress off the amount of dust covering all the junk beneath it was ridiculous. I'm also trying to move beyond my hoarding tendancies, and get rid of stuff I have no use for anymore, and today was the best time to start. I might start trying to flog off my hardly touched make up on you all. I've never worn much to begin with, I'm an eyeliner girl - and only eyeliner. I don't bother with foundation, lipgloss, mascara or any of that. My sister is my complete opposite, so while I watched her apply her make up the other day, sure I might have been judging to begin with, but she's very chavvy, so she was properly shovelling it on anyway. It did not look good, and I tried hard to keep that opinion from my face.
   I still buy the occasional eyeshadow, the last was from etsy, but otherwise I never really touch the stuff. Nail polish, too. I have loads of it, but never wear it because I've never liked how it looks on short nails, but once my nails get long enough, after applying the polish, my nails start to splinter and flake. So I leave them be.

   So yeah, if anyone is interested in not quite second hand make up, keep your eyes open here. I need to get rid of it, it's cluttering up my shelves. When I'm done, all I'll have left is a pencil and liquid eyeliner. And a mirror.


  1. Oh my gosh I need a new mattress SO BAD. Heck, I want a new, bigger bed so I have room for me, the boyfriend AND our dogs.

    1. Room must always be made for the dogs. Especially if they're big uns! I had the best night's sleep in a long time with the new mattress last night so I'm in a sparkling mood today :D


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