Monday 6 August 2012

Meet the Sponsors

   Meet my lovely sponsors for the month of August! This is the last month of free ads - so if you want to get an ad space in for next month for free you'd best do it quickly! There are changes coming to sponsor spaces starting from...well, now, so if you wanna know what's what you best check out the updated sponsor page! It's for the benefit of everyone, really - no one will be chased up to do guest posts or giveaways, anyone is entitled to do one regardless of ad size, which also means that I'm more likely to get sponsor content on my blog with less trouble. If no one wants to do one then that's fine, but if they do then they just have to drop me a line. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

My name is Patricia and I blog over at Red Writing Hood.  My life entails, at least at the moment, of me going to EMT school, and painting, writing my first novel, and spending a lot of time traveling! You'll get to see all that on the blog.  I am also a huge fan of homeopathy and red hair, which might worm their way into my posts sometimes.  Though I'm a gamer and a nerd and very socially awkward, I LOVE socializing on blogs so don't be shy when it comes to talking to me.


Hey ya'll!  I'm Sam and I blog over at Reddy or Knot.  I am twenty three, newly married, and loving life. I am obsessed with delicious food and making my favorites healthy.  I believe in making the most of everyday and taking pictures to remember it all.  You might have seen me on Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids but you are now welcome to check out my real life!

Hey, y'all! I'm Jessie from Young Georgia Love! I'm young, in love, and full of wonder about the world. My blog looks a lot into my personal life: my relationship with my boyfriend, recipes I'm making, and basically finding my way to happiness. There is a large focus on loving yourself and making your life as fulfilling as possible. I hope you check me out!

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