Thursday 2 August 2012

Homemade Sugar Lumps DIY Tutorial

   I'm not really sure why this came to me. I don't drink tea as much any more, and I didn't always add sugar even then. And when I did it wasn't in lump-form. But, I suppose one gets curious! I did mention back at Christmas that if something is made in a factory, it can also be made at home. Some things will require heavy machinery so sometimes it is best to use a factory instead, but a lot of the time it can be make in your kitchen or living room.

   This is another simple tutorial, much like my washi tape holder. It requires very little, and takes little time, but it can take a few days to set - but, it's not like you have to do anything to it while it does, is it?
   All you need is some sugar, water, and a mold. I stupidly bought one a few days ago for this tutorial before remembering I had two perfectly good ones in the cupboard. They came from my favourite box of chocolates, and they've been sat in the cupboard for a couple of years now, I think, just waiting for some kind of usage. So I took these out and cracked on.
   You can add food colouring of even flavouring to these for something extra special - but be aware that the more things like this you add, the less water you need to include.

But how do you go about it?

1. Measure out about 1/4 cup of sugar (or however much you want, really) and put it in a bowl. The finer the sugar the more detailed molds you can use. I used standard granulated sugar.

2. Add about half a tablespoon of cold water (warm water might be more likely to make the sugar dissolve) and mix it together. The sugar should not be wet, or it'll dissolve, but it needs to be damp. If you think you've added too much water, just add more sugar!

Optional Colour and Flavouring - if you're adding colouring or flavouring, then be sure not to add too much. Reduce the amount of water you add - once again, if you add too much just add more sugar. If you want bold colours, add more colouring and a little less water, if you want light colours, only add a drop or two of colouring. If you make it too dark by mistake just add more sugar. If it seems too dry then add a sprinkle more water.
   If you're adding flavouring, do remember that the purpose of adding sugar is to sweeten it. If you add flavouring, don't make it too strong or overpowering. Lor Ann Oils might be a bad idea because of just how potent they can be - not to mention that they're quite thick so one drop of Lor Ann oils is about double a drop of, say, standard vanilla essence.

3. Press the sugar into the molds. Fill them until you are satisfied. If you want to take note of how many spoonfuls of sugar helps the med--sorry, no, how many spoonfuls of sugar are in each lump then just count it out as you go. If they're flavoured lumps I'd suggest perhaps making them a little smaller. My sugar lumps are probably about 2 and a half spoons, so probably about 2 small lumps, maybe 1 and a half. Which is about right for me, I'd say.

4. Leave the molds to sit overnight at room temperature. Using a sturdy plastic mold can help you determine when they are done. The tops exposed to the air will set first, and after a single night they still might not be done. Mine took about 2 nights, I think. When I tried to take them out the first time, the surfaces were solid, but the bottoms - the shaped parts - were still soft. I could see through the clear mold that the sugar was a lighter colour and moved about as I tried to pop them out. In this case leave them overnight again.
   Just in case, only pop one out at a time. They won't fall out too easily, so tipping it upside down shouldn't cause them all to fall. If the one you take out is still soft, leave the rest. If it isn't, the rest should be fine.

Store them in an airtight container and they'll last a year or so. Brilliant, eh? Perfect for a nice spring or summer tea party, and you can change the colours to match! Perhaps great sugar lumps for bridal showers and weddings, too! Maybe even as favours! ♥ Pack it with some nice fruit tea and you're all set ^^



  1. These look cute! I just wonder if a standard chocolate / ice-cube mold isn't too big. Well, for really sweet people it might not be. Really would love to try that for a brunch soon =) xo Anja @

    1. I suppose a standard one could be a bit big if you only like a little bit of sugar. Admittedly I only used what I had on hand, but I'm pretty sure you can get small molds for cake decorating and such that would do just fine. Or, you could make your own molds with food-safe silicone stuff so you can get exactly the size and shape you want! :D

  2. Those are SO cute. I'm not big for sugar in my tea or coffee but pretty much everyone I know is (I guess working in a coffee shop gave me a love for black coffee and tea with no sweetness). These could be fun at get togethers!

    1. I certainly hope so! I don't drink coffee at all, I think I still have a child's tastebuds so I can't stand the taste of it, and I'm also never too sure about adding sugar to my tea either, but they were fun to do and they would be nice at get togethers ^^


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