Wednesday 1 March 2017

My Spring Jewellery Collection!

   It's March the 1st, my mum's birthday and the first day I start to really think about spring. In terms of comfort, I am definitely a winter person - it's easier to layer up and keep warm than it is to strip off and cool down. There's only so much you can take off before you're naked, after all, and even then it can feel like it's not enough.
   But as far as moods go, spring is my favourite. The warm, bright light fills me with motivation, and the best work I will do in a year occurs in the spring. It's still cool enough to be comfortable, and with the trees regrowing their leaves and the first flowers coming out, it's a colourful time, too - you've not gotten used to it like you have by summer.
   I work like a madman on my writing, my imagination flows perfectly, my vocabulary broadens, and I do a generally better job, increasing on both quantity and quality at the same time!
   And Easter isn't far off, either! I'm not religious, so the holiday is just a chocolate-fest for me, and one of the few times of the year I let myself indulge. Seeg and I break out our flashiest eggs and watch a movie - we saw Fantastic Beasts in the cinema, despite not being the hugest Harry Potter fans, and we loved it so much we've saved the DVD for Easter Sunday!

   And, of course, there's all the new life. Plants bloom and sprout, an event many animals timed their birthing season to coincide with, birds are chirping their songs (territorial and warning songs, really - they have babies to protect, too) and even England sees some sun. It's a wonderful time of year. And so I've paired my newest jewellery collection towards that new life.

   My 2017 Spring/Easter Collection, which you can view here, features seven necklaces of baby animals: a rabbit kit, a fox kit, a lamb, a chick, a fawn, a duckling and a song thrush nest. As always, pieces are limited, and there is only one listing for the entire collection at a discounted price, which you can have as either a set of ornaments as shown, or as necklaces. The jars range from 1.5-3cm.
   It's all available in Myth Of The Wild as of today, with a £1.50 UK shipping fee, and $4 for the rest of the world. The deadline for Easter orders is April 8th for the UK, and March the 18th for the rest of the world. In the case of the latter, orders placed afterwards will be processed as quickly as possible and may well still arrive in time, but I can't guarantee it.


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