Sunday 19 March 2017

Kelta Fit - 2 Weeks Later

   Oh. My. Goodness. It's so amazing to have a workout that genuinely excites me again! I've been working so hard with high-impact, demanding workouts with body weight and stuff for so long, so it's so nice to have a change, especially one that's actually conventionally fun! The thought that I've already used Kelta Fit for two weeks makes me sad! I'm already half way!

   I don't generally use dance workouts because I never really get much of a sweat out of them - Kukuwa has been the only exception. And because I'm addicted to sweat and burning muscles, I've kind of avoided dance workouts for the past couple of years. Kukuwa only got a look-in because it seemed (and was) higher-impact and more fun that most of the rest.
   Kelta Fit looked like it was going to be one of those low-impact workouts which is great for beginners, but nothing but a 'waste of time' for myself because it didn't involve deadlifts or jump squats. But I decided to give it a go because of my new year's resolution which was to kind of back off of heavy workouts and try something a little calmer from time to time.
   Well, Kelta Fit is certainly not Jillian Michaels, and there are no kettlebells or burpees involved, but my goodness it gets you sweating and your legs burning.

   In my first post I said I was expecting six 9-minute workouts consisting of a mixture of dance and dance-inspired resistance (barre), or perhaps the six workouts to be divided between the two categories, ideally 4/2.
   Instead, it turns out that there aren't 6 sequences, but rather 4, as the warm up and cool down (with a 6-minute abs section) are counted among them. But the warm up includes some simple dance moves to get your heart rate up, and the six minutes of ab work is simple but effective and makes up more than half of the sixth section.
   But don't be concerned. It occurred to me on my first morning that a barre workout along with the promised 'lively traditional music' wasn't likely to work very well, and indeed it wouldn't. Instead, the four workouts are all filled to the brim with dance, every single move is from Scottish and Irish routines, and you're given told which dances some of the steps come from, too, like the Britannia two-step or the Virginia Reels. The moves seem easy, and though they're not complicated and they're taught comprehensively, even for absolute beginners, you'll find yourself sweating and your knee refusing to lift as high as when you started after completing just one section. But there are also resistance moves in two of the four routines - squats and lunges - but they don't feel like they drag you out of the dancing spirit, and they're well-inserted as well as really good fundamental leg-toning moves.

   The music is also simply amazing. Irish and highland dance is my guilty pleasure - sequences from Lord of the Dance impress me so much that I cry more often than not. I will put my hands up and admit that I am lame in this way. And only this way. And that Warriors is my absolute favourite routine. And that I'm a sucker for villains.
   But the music - back to the music - you cannot possibly not want to move to it. You just can't, it completely goes against the laws of physics. From the moment the music started playing in the warm up, I was honestly grinning like a fool.

   I absolutely love it. I can't wait to start my exercise every morning, it's so much fun and truly something I look forward to now. There's no dread, no trying to make deals with myself and then doing it anyway, no feeling mentally exhausted just from the idea of it. I genuinely want to do it.
   Oh gawd I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!


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