Monday 6 March 2017

March: Kelta Fit

   I'm quite excited for this month's workout. Back in 2014, I used Jean Butler's Irish Dance Masterclass, and while it wasn't inherently a workout DVD, it was physically demanding and provided a good sweat and some good toning even while truly learning something new. It is dance, after all.
   And in 2015, I used Kukuwa's African Dance workout, and while that was a workout, it was undeniably African in its style. It's still my favourite cardio workout to date, and the only dance workout that still proves to be a challenge for me personally.
   Finding genuinely original workouts with a cultural theme or origin is actually quite difficult, and that's a real pain because they can seriously spice up you workout.
   So when I found Kelta Fit, I snatched up a copy right away.

   Kelta Fit is a Ceilidh ('kay-lee', Gaelic for 'gathering') dance workout which combines genuine Scottish dance moves with aerobic exercises and lively traditional music, so I've got high hopes for enjoyment - but, I will admit that I've not watched any of the videos, so I don't know entirely what to expect here. This is how I prefer to start new workouts - I never even remove the outer packaging until I'm ready to begin the first session, and I especially never play the DVD and watch it before using it. So the first time I see its contents is the first time I use it. That way I can't dread difficult-looking moves before I've even begun - or, alternatively, be put off by easy-looking moves.

   The DVD contains 6x 9 minute workouts, and I'm hoping that they'll each be dedicated to either dance or resistance, not a mixture of both which would break up the intensity. Ideally, I'm hoping that four will be dedicated to dancing and two to light resistance, like barre. I'll be content if it's three-three, but if it's two dance and four resistance, I will be disappointed. But, as is always the case, I'm not going to know until I use it later this morning.
   I also expect it to be low-impact compared to what I'm used to, which you can find in my Fitness Archive, but that will be a welcome change, especially after having just completed five weeks of Kettlercise. I wouldn't usually knowingly select a workout that I felt would be below by insane standards for difficulty, but in keeping with this year's new year's resolution, I need to step back from constantly high-impact workouts because my body just can't keep up with it. So this should be ideal - and there are three levels of intensity, which is unusual for a dance workout, so I'm hoping that that will make a difference if it turns out to be too low-impact for me.

   I'm going to give this workout four weeks. The plan is to use three of the six workouts a day, and while it'll probably be a bit messy for the first two or three days while I work out which section offers what, I'm hoping that my half hour will start with one resistance session and then two dance sessions, without repeating any of them the next day. Which is one of the reasons why I'm hoping for two resistance and four dance.

   So I'll blog again in 2 weeks and outline whether it was what I hoped it would be, and if it's challenging enough to meet my expectations of ease/difficulty. And, just as importantly, if it's fun.

   I've got new leggings (what a surprise) and they're from Wild Bangarang again.
   I'm sorry but they are simply epic. This is from their fitness range which, to my surprise, is actually made differently from their other leggings like my Sylvanas and Nozdormu. They're thicker, they have a little more compression and they have a wide, flat waist band rather than a general elastic waist. They're really comfortable and have a different, more accurate size guide. While it was their original World of Warcraft range that drew my initial attention, their koi capris were quick to catch my eye, if slow to slip into the shopping bag...


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