Sunday 5 March 2017

Kettlercise Ignite - 5 Weeks Later

   After 5 weeks of Kettlercise's Ignite program, I'm still surprised with how varied the three workouts are. After all, how different can kettlebell workouts be?
   I used the DVD three times a week and gave the three different workouts five runs each (except 'Melt Down', as I was graced with a migraine not five minutes after getting out of bed, and had to skip that day's workout), which meant that, especially because each workout was different from the other, I didn't get anywhere near comfortable enough this month for the program to stop being a challenge.

   The DVD and website both advise that Ignite should only be used if you've got previous experience with a Kettlercise program, and there's good reason for it. There is no how-to on this DVD like there are on the others, and, like the other DVDs, you transition from one move to the next without a pause so you do need to know what you're doing. As such, Ignite is not suitable for kettlebell beginners. But if, like me, you've got an unreasonable love for the kit and the unique and highly specific moves you can only really perform with them, if you want them to be effective, then this DVD is awesome.

   Melt Down is horrible, my least favourite - you know I hate cardio - but it's one I still begrudgingly do. Kettlebells are challenging enough without adding burpees into the mix, that is just not fair. But it is effective. Detonator and After Burn are much nicer, but though they might be void of jumping, they're just as effective at melting fat. Kettlercise have maintained their usual system of giving you no break at all between the moves, and they've revisited their 'complexes', the stacking of individual moves to utilise more muscles at once, raise the heart rate through the demand, all without your feet really having to leave the floor. Hoorah. So no one workout on the DVD delivers less results than the others, even though some might be 'easier' than others if just because they're not as frightening and so 'easier' in terms of finding the motivation to do. 

   I'm not sad to see the back of it, though, and that's my own fault. I've slipped into a habit of eating only 1300 calories a day, though I know I'm supposed to be getting 1500 without exercise, so I've been feeling increasingly run down since after Christmas in an attempt to compensate for Christmas and birthdays by creating a calorie deficit by both exercise and eating less, which is simply wrong. So I'm somewhat exhausted right now, and I'm really looking forward to March's workout which, I expect, will be much lower impact but hopefully more conventionally fun.
   But I would, without a doubt, recommend this DVD to anyone, and it's joining my 'would use again in a heartbeat' collection. Once I start eating a little more...

   I'll blog again with a DVD review next weekend, so if you're after more technical info on the DVD, be sure to come back!


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