Thursday 15 October 2015

Inktober 2015 - Week 3

   This is so far from being the first troll I've drawn. My main character in World of Warcraft is a female troll and I've tried on so many occasions to draw her, but it's so, so difficult. Trolls have tusks, long noses and no eyebrows, and all three of these details are so difficult to work with. The large, sharp noses are impossible to draw and noses are far from my strong suit as it is, so that can throw off the whole face, and I don't just mean make her look ugly, but simply throw me out of whack enough that I can't get the rest of the face down around it. The tusks are difficult because they can make the mouth harder to draw, interfering with the lips and shading, and the lack of eyebrows...well, it makes them look mean even when they're neutral. Eyebrows are so, so important and you don't notice it until you see someone without them, be they a real person or not.
   However, I think I finally did it. Finally, finally did it.
   I didn't want to draw her armour because I prefer to draw in-role, so I gave her skins instead, in part to show off her lean physique. Trolls aren't so much 'tall' as they are 'long', but they're fast and they're strong. I hope I have that much down.
   My scanner has not been co-operating, by the way. I've fixed up the colours so they're identical to the original image (on my screen, at least), but it just refuses to pick up the shading and it's driving me crazy. I'm doing all I can to fix it up, but, in short, I think I just need a new scanner.
   Either way, Inktober week 3 is done. Meet Daeaye.

Lines: Faber-Castell PITT super-fine black pen
Body: ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Tip in black & warm grey
Hair: ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Tip in turquoise
300gsm paper

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