Friday 9 October 2015

Frightful Decor - Etsy Halloween

   Decor can really set an atmosphere - though I suppose that goes without saying. And when it comes to Halloween, there are so many ways to go: cute, scary, serious, Oz. While I like romantic and old-fashioned for Valentine's Day and Nordic/red & white for Christmas (or perhaps silvers, whites and greys), when it comes to Halloween I don't have a preference. So rather than try to theme the decorations in this post, I sort of just let it happen. So much jumps out at me but it's never cohesive. Christmas is cohesive; Halloween tends to be chaotic. Either way, these are the things that jumped out at me this year!

   My Christmas sock exchange is still open to new participants! If you've not signed yourself up, head over to the sign-up page and do so! It's open to anyone worldwide, all you have to do is fill a Christmas sock with goodies like a tiny stocking and send it to your assigned partner, spreading some simple Christmas cheer across the world (or within your own country; it's your choice!)
   Sign-ups are open until October 24th, after which point there will be a 1 week drop-out opportunity for those who have changed their minds for one reason or another, and partner details will be emailed to each participant on November 1st.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Book Pumpkins

  2. Hi Kim, Thank you for posting my Hallloween Fairy door in your blog. Loving your frightfully Visuall - Etsy Halloween Article. xx


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