Monday 11 May 2015

Spring Cleaning

   After taking the time to write out yesterday's post, I got thinking. You remember that I said, while reviewing Cassey Ho's Hot Body Year Round book, that the idea of each season marking an opportunity for a new goal or resolution was quite a romantic idea? Well, it's spring - you wouldn't know it from looking out of my windows with 2 weeks of overcast sky, strong winds and shivering in bed - and given how unwell and frankly a little miserable I've been feeling, I decided that this week was the perfect opportunity for a spring clean. But of me, not the house.
   I've never really gone for detoxes because they seem like a lot of trouble, and as active as I am, I am also a lazy person. So I'm calling this week a 'spring clean' rather than a detox because it's not just my body I'm trying to freshen up, but also my mind. And yes, I am beginning to think that this sounds kind of pretentious. But I'm doing it anyway.

   To urge myself on I'm going to blog it every day, and I'm going to endeavour to do a number of things:
1. Step away from things like meal replacement shakes and go for whole food. I don't think these shakes are really all that bad given what how much they deliver, but I want to go all the way this week, so I'm going for chicken sandwiches, salads, fish, nuts and so on. The difficult part is going to be keeping the calories down, because...
2. I'm not exercising this week. My body is run down and haggard and I'm exhausted, so rather than follow Ripped In 30, I'm going to delay moving on to the next workout for a week and spend half an hour every morning doing yoga instead. And I mean yoga yoga, not Jillian Michaels and not ashtanga. I'm going for stretches, deep breaths and calmness. I can still burn a few calories, but above all else my body gets the opportunity to wind down but I keep the exercise-in-the-morning structure of my day. Without that I will end up getting bored and eating more, and that won't help me get myself back on track.
3. Wholesome snacks to help me step away from added and refined sugars. Fruit, nuts, Nakd bars, Graze punnets, Oloves and so on are my best friends this week.
4. Photographs. I want to try to take one pretty photograph a day, just to try to exercise some stagnant creativity and create something simple. Small visual things like this can do wonders for your mind, and if I'm looking for pretty things to photograph it will lead me to look at the things around me more closely and look for beauty rather than just pottering about in my over-cluttered head.
5. Drink more water - I love my green tea, and I have plenty, but I'm also going to have some fruit-infused water every evening right around the time I usually reach for sweets. I'm never hungry at those points, I just feel the need to eat because it's there, so infused water is certainly a better choice. Plus you need water to flush out your body of toxins, and, of course, every chemical reaction in your body relies on water. What better way to get it?

   So, with any luck, in 7 days I'll be feeling re-energised, more motivated, and not quite so unwell!


  1. Sorry you're feeling crummy! These are great ideas, I specially love the photograph a day idea to find beauty in the little things on a daily basis.

    1. Thank you! I'm just sorry that my crumminess is my own fault! :P
      I'm glad you like the idea, I think it could really do wonders if you're feeling down in the dumps! It perked me up quite quickly!


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