Sunday 17 May 2015

Spring Cleaning Day 7

   Today was the last day of my spring clean, and I have to say that I feel great for it. As you probably gathered from the week's posts, I've been sleeping better, feeling better, and generally feeling more rested. I also seem to have improved willpower, though that willpower will be put to the test today, as it's our 5th anniversary today and there are in fact four boxes of chocolates floating around. I did well throughout the day, but the evening is when I become weak, so if I have just a few and learn when to stop, that will be a big win! The first taste of chocolate since beginning is when things risk falling apart, but if I can control myself through this then I'm set!
   Photographing the chocolates below proved hard enough, but I ate none of them! And I made heart-shaped bokeh to overlay onto it. I thought it was appropriate, but I'll tell you what: it is hard to cut out a perfect heart. The first few were too rough-edged and I didn't notice it until I uploaded the pictures so I had to try again and again, but I'm happy with the eventual outcome :D
   I'm back to Ripped in 30 tomorrow and I've got more than enough energy for it! I'm a little daunted, I admit, because I'm jumping into week 2. Part of me says I should go back to week 1, but I'm not going to because I don't want to go backwards. Besides, I doubt the leap between week 1 and week 2 will be that big - it's not like I'm expected to do a flying superman push up by the end of week 4, that would be absurd.

   It's been a great week, and time will tell if it has any effect on my weight-loss, but at the very least, I feel recharged and ready to go, and that was the most important goal of this week. So I can say I've succeeded! I'll probably do this again at some point, and I may also force the habit on myself to take a week 'off' every 8 weeks so I don't burn out again, but for now, I'm happy!


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