Saturday 16 May 2015

Spring Cleaning Day 6

   I forgot to buy strawberries today, so tonight's infused water is going to be just lime and cinnamon. I wonder how unpleasant that will be.
   I had good fun taking photographs today, I was in a somewhat silly mood so a stuffed lamb got involved. This week has lightened my head to the point that I've gone daft, I don't know if it's because I feel good or if it's because I've gone inside from stepping away from chocolate and sweets. That will change a little tomorrow, though, and while tomorrow is my last day of the spring cleaning, and I will be behaving myself, it's also my 5th anniversary with Seeg and there are at least 3 boxes of chocolates in the house. Well it's Sunday tomorrow anyway, and the next day it's back to hard work - that's not necessarily an excuse, but if I do happen to feel guilty or eat too much decadent chocolate (which, fortunately, is like 4 pieces because it's so rich), at least I can relax knowing I can work it off again. And anyway, once in a while is completely fine, so my willpower (and intelligence) to back off will be tested tomorrow, too.
   And, as it's Sunday tomorrow, I'm also not exercising. Sunday is always my rest day, and while it's true that this week has been slow-paced already, the whole purpose was to give my body a chance to recover so I can boost my weight-loss again. So I'm sticking to taking Sunday off so that I'm raring and ready Monday morning. I can't wait. And yes, there is something wrong with me.


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