Friday 29 May 2015

30 Days Wild

   Throughout the month of June, I'm going to be participating in 30 Days Wild, an event set up by The Wildlife Trusts. The idea is that you make an effort to do something to interact with nature every day, even if it's as simple as listening to a bird song. I quite liked the idea and have already come up with a few things to do, and I'm quite excited about it! I rather like monthly 'challenges' like these because they're quite vague and versatile, so it gets my imagination moving.
   The Wildlife Trusts does offer a few suggestions for people who are stuck for ideas, such as go for a walk, hunt for bugs, count the different bird species in your garden and so on, but I was a little disappointed that so many of the suggestions were so simple, but it does mean that their many ideas aren't out of anyone's reach and I'm pretty sure that was the point. If you want to do something a little more extreme you can, or you can use the event as an excuse to go for a picnic in one of the Trusts' nature reserves.
   This event isn't a sponsored event and it doesn't gather anything but awareness of the preservation of nature around us. It's free to participate, of course, and there's a month-view wall chart and booklet you can download for free about the event if you'd like to participate last-minute.
   This event is also not limited to the UK - yes, sign-up and the like is limited as it is a UK charity, but nature exists in other countries too, so as long as you take a little bit of time every day to interact with nature, you're in!

Download the wall chart & booklet
Or sign up for a physical pack


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