Tuesday 12 May 2015

Spring Cleaning Day 2

   I'm already seeing an improvement! I had a brilliant night's sleep last night, the best in about 2 weeks. Thoroughly uneventful. Slept through the whole thing and I woke up half an hour late. At least I had a smile on my face while rushing around!
   Yoga went well and, as yesterday, I felt re-energised afterwards. My stomach rumbled an abnormal number of times but each time a glass of water solved it, so I was able to stick to eating little but often so my body got the chance to use the energy instead of storing it somewhere. Lately, a tummy rumble would lead me to eat something almost immediately without thinking about it, even though I know full well that the body can sometimes show thirst as hunger. Not keeping hydrated can easily lead to over-eating because you think you're hungry when all you need is a glass of water. If, after 25 minutes of finishing the glass, you're still hungry, then you're probably actually hungry.
   I'm pleased with my photograph, too, though it took forever to get a good shot, but I did notice that the fish in my pond were swimming in a sort of circuit, so each time I missed an opportunity I knew it would come back. This was doubtlessly the best of the lot, though ^^
   All in all, today was a more positive day than yesterday! Yesterday went really, really well, and I was so proud of myself, but after that and a great night's sleep, today was even better. I can only hope that tomorrow at the very least matches it.


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