Monday 11 May 2015

Spring Cleaning Day 1

   I started the morning with a simple baobab porridge (oats, water and powdered baobab) followed by 30 minutes of yoga, which was a little strange because I started my workout later than usual and finished it sooner, but it gave me the chance to run around taking photographs. I had great fun doing it and rediscovered a passion I'd forgotten. And I felt quite energetic after yoga and ready to take on the day - I usually feel like that after my morning workout, but I hadn't expected it to be as strong after something as simple as this.
   Looking closely at flowers and the colours in them really lifted my spirits more, too, and I had good fun with the photographs - I think this will be a really positive thing to do every day this week because it's kept me in a good mood.
   I'll be making my first fruit-infused water tonight to have right around the time I'll find myself reaching for the biscuit tin - I'm never hungry 2 hours after dinner, I just want to eat for the sake of it, so infused water is a better alternative. It will fill me up and deliver goodness at the same time. Plus your body often confuses hunger and thirst, so even if I was hungry, odds are a glass of water would solve the problem so I could eat an hour later instead.
   I'm going to dive into my book tonight, too. Keeping my mind busy keeps it off of food, and I'm so close to the end now that it's all quite exciting anyway. Keeping myself occupied with that shouldn't be a problem.

   So, at least as of 6pm, my first day of spring cleaning has gone well. My problems with chocolate and biscuits start at around 7pm, so the water will be put to the test right away tonight, as well as my willpower. But I can't expect to get better if I keep reaching for things that, while delicious, don't help my health and also only make me feel guilty 20 minutes later. But this is all a great start, and I feel more positive right now than I usually do at 6pm, so that's already an improvement. I feel more excited about this than I should...


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