Monday 3 February 2014

February: Raspberry Ketone

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   You may recall my New Year's resolution, to try something new in terms of weightloss every month in an attempt to bust through plateaus and see what could potentially work out for me, as well as keeping me interested. Let's be honest, if you don't change up your routine things can get stale and boring, and motivation can dwindle.

   My first month only saw a 2-week project because I couldn't afford a full month of Ilumi's food, but I knew that going in, and I may try them again because the food was good and it was quite easy to do.
   This month, however, I'm going to try a supplement. Raspberry ketones have been mentioned thousands of times over the past few months. Raspberry ketone capsules are capsules of raspberry ketone, a substance found naturally in raspberries which can help metabolism and speed up weightloss if it's taken with a proper diet and frequent exercise. I've wanted to try them for some time, but it's important to know from the very beginning, for my sake and yours, that everyone is different, and that means that the effectiveness of certain diets, exercise regimes and so on varies from person to person, and while raspberry ketone capsules have helped some people lose weight, for others it does nothing at all. I don't honestly know what to expect for myself, but I'm going to go in assuming that it either won't work, or won't work as well as others suggest. On one hand it may be a bad idea to start this off with a negative attitude, but on the other I am trying not to expect too much. There is no miracle quick-fix for weightloss, not at all, you have to put the time and energy into it to get results, but things like this can, sometimes, help.
   The only way I'm going to get any real idea of whether or not it's working is to keep my workouts as steady as they are now and try not to try anything new. I've got new equipment and DVDs, but to get any real idea of how well these will work for me I'll have to avoid starting to use any of it until I've finished the raspberry ketone run.

   For those who are interested, I'm using Real Nutrition Co.'s Raspberry Ketone capsules. There are other raspberry ketone products on the market from other brands, but it's important to keep this in mind if you're deciding what to buy: make sure there's nothing else in them, no acai berries, no caffine, no green tea, nothing but what you're after. The additional ingredients can compromise the effectiveness of the main ingredient, and it can also have adverse affects on you.

   This starts today, however I will stop the trial if the capsules begin to have an adverse affect on me, such as draining my energy or making me feel ill. Things like this shouldn't be taken while pregnant. If you're on medication you should be all right, but you should still definitely consult a doctor or trained pharmacist before taking any, just in case.


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