Monday 17 February 2014


   I've not updated anything personal lately. In truth I've been too overwhelmed with Valentine sales to manage anything else, which is a bit sad given all the projects I've fallen behind on.

   So, first thing's first: am I well? For once, actually, no, I'm not. I'm sleeping horribly all of a sudden, feeling really quite ill and feeling downright negative, actually, and I think it might be because of my Valentine's success, even though it hit just after it all ended. I've wanted to work on a lot of other things but I keep getting pulled off of it to fulfill orders. I know, I know, "oh woe is me, I'm actually doing well!" but it can get monotonous when you're making the same thing over and over again and want to do something different. And now that I have the time to do it, I'm feeling too rubbish to do so. Instead of doing anything useful, for the past few nights I've just sat down with hot chocolate and watched Star Trek: The Next Generation all night long. And it's even better the second time around. I suspect I caught the sleeplessness and bad feelings through email from a certain someone who has been equally, or perhaps more, unfortunate.

   I've wanted to continue my writing too, but I'm having a hard time sitting down to do it, though I am eager. I also want to read again but I don't like to read something else before I've finished what I'm currently reading (keen to start The Belgariad pentology), but the trouble is that the book I'm reading now, while good, I am sick of it. It's Dawn of the Aspects (yes yes, another World of Warcraft one) and while the story is good, I have grown to loathe the writer and his inability to use normal words. It's like he sits next to a thesaurus, and coming up against an unusually long word can really destroy the immersion. Plus he only writes about dragons, and what's more it's always the really boring dragons, and I'm quite fed up with it. Christie Golden 'killed' Korialstrasz who was virtually his favourite, so now he's latched onto Kalecgos, who is just the worst. But I will battle through to the other side. I'm just fed up with books focusing on almost immortal beings of endless power, I want to read more about mortals. Forutnately the next book coming out is by Golden, doubtlessly the better writer, and focuses on Sylvanas, who is my favourite. Though on one hand you could say she's not mortal either since she's Undead, she doesn't have endless power at all. /Ramble.

   There has been good news, at least: my Lady Dinah's exclusive cat jars went up on their website this weekend and sold like hot cakes. There are only about 2 or 3 left and I'm so pleased with the response they got. I've also potentially got some even more exciting things happening in the future but I'm not prepared to say anything yet because I have a rotten habit of jinxing things.

   Despite how bad I've been feeling, I have managed to continue exercising, so that hasn't stopped at all, for which I'm grateful. I'm 2 weeks through my run of Raspberry Ketone and it's not affected my health in any adverse way (I'm pretty certain that it has nothing to do with how I'm feeling now) and it seems to be working. At any rate I feel like I'm losing weight a little faster than I was before. I've also planned what my new fitness adventure will be next month so I'm excited for it.
   I've been drinking a lot of green tea, too (I've become a bit of a green tea fiend), which has been picking me up a bit. I've never known any drink to make me feel as fresh as green tea does, but not all of it is so good. If it's by Twinings, I can guarantee I'll like it. Other brands are risky, but sometimes they pay off. Seeg bought me some gorgeous Japanese green tea for Christmas which I absolutely love, and I promise it's not just because it's Japanese. Though that helps.

   My new shop, Ebony Fawn, has had a little bit of attention, too, with my 'Happy Easter' cake topper being added to both Etsy France and Etsy UK's Easter collections, so I'm feeling more confident there.

   I had a nice Valentine's Day, too. Seeg and I don't really do anything but I decided to get him a gift - and it turns out he got me one, too. He's the one that cares less for Valentine's Day out of the two of us so that was a surprise. We also watched a movie and spent some time together - we're not the lovey dovey movie type, so we watched Catch Me If You Can and quite enjoyed it.

   I hope everyone else is doing well! I'm also excited to be starting Vivid Please' post swap now, too! I'll be sure to show what I send and what I receive. My partner is in England, too, which significantly reduces the wait time for both sending and receiving post.


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