Friday 7 February 2014

Fable Anniversary

   To be honest, it's quite ridiculous that Fable Anniversary was released in the US before the UK, given that Lionhead is a UK company and got famous here first, but at least it's out now! I'm looking forward to playing it. Personally I think Fable 2 was the best of all of them, with Fable 3 being a rotten disappointment and every misshapen excuse for Fable that's come out since then is best left ignored, Fable, the original, is hailed by many as the best. Mostly because it was the first and a lot of people have a hard time discerning the difference between the word 'best' and the word 'original' whether it's games, films, music or whatever.
   Fable Anniversary is a remake of the original Fable game. I played about half of it on the PC years and years ago, but I struggled, and the graphics freaked me out (not as much as Oblivion's, that game was lurid as hell), and in the end I lost interest because Jack of Blades took too long to appear. Now, however, the graphics have been improved (I'm not the kind of person that will only play a game based on graphics - in truth, it's one of the last things I think about. Monkey Island is one of my favourite games even now, and I play WoW on 'fair' settings - second from lowest graphical settings - because my PC can't handle more than that) and are less creepy, and it's on the Xbox 360 which makes it better for me personally, because I struggle to get truly immersed on the PC.
   So while I have lots of projects, products and writing I'm supposed to be getting on with, I expect I'll end up playing this more. Plus we got the first run edition, so we get extra in-game goodies which includes a Scythe costume. Scythe is awesome but I wish there was more info about him. He's basically undead but I have no idea why.

   This is also the game the Hobbe figurine I won from Lionhead is from. Yay!


  1. This is so great! I've not really played much of Fable but I played the Pub Games and was seriously addicted!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Don't get too excited, seriously. I've got a review to post about it, it was an utter let down and definitely not worth the money we payed. It was a real shame. I would recommend buying the original - yes the graphics are old but trust me, they're better than the new graphics. The graphics in Fable Anniversary look like they're trying to look like the original game but trying to look modern at the same time, and the result is that some things haven't been changed, and others have and badly. The game's graphics look only a little better than Oblivion's, and the graphics are, for some reason, nowhere near the graphics of Fable 2 or 3. And the entire point of Fable Anniversary was the fact that it was a graphical overhaul. Boo! Though I did rediscover my love for Fable 2 after the disappointment, so that's one positive thing! :D the Fable universe itself is amazing, Pub games is no measure against it :D


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