Monday 10 February 2014

New Cufflinks - His & Her's

   I've just added some new products to my shop: cufflinks! These cufflinks have been designed for either men, women, or both! It depends on your taste! All cufflinks are £16 a pair with £1.50 postage in the UK and £3 postage everywhere else. I've also added a matching cufflink and earring set for couples! This set costs £20 with the same shipping. There are currently only one of each set available in my shop because I'm low on (read: otherwise completely out of) supplies needed. If you're interested in a colour that's not available, or in a set that has sold out, get in touch and I can set up a custom listing for you to either purchase custom made cufflinks, or to pre-order existing ones.
   More cufflinks will be available when I have the basic supplies.


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