Monday 1 October 2018

October: Core de Force 2.0

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   If you caught my training round-up, you'll know I'm going back to Core de Force this month, but not the original plan. I've signed up to BeachBody On Demand to access the six new videos that aren't on the DVD (which itself is 6 full workouts of 20-40 minutes, 3 core on the floor routines, 1 extended core workout, an active recovery workout and a pre-bed stretch sequence) and I am excited. There is one new four new cardio and two agility training workouts that involve the use of an agility ladder, all of which range from 20-30 minutes. I've also bought a ladder, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I suspect I'll be using the first run without one, because rather than a 4-day workout week, I'm going for 5.

   I've been eating more lately and feeling energised and healthy and amazing, but, unsurprisingly, I have put on a little bit of fat in an area that's hard to miss or mistake, and is an area my body is known for storing its fat quite quickly. This is very, very sad, of course, but it's natural. I've been under-feeding myself for so long that when I began finally giving it enough, its natural reaction is to store it in case famine hits again - because why else would I have been feeding myself so little? The body is not the reasoning centre, it's wired up quite simply and relies instead on the brain's decisions. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, our reasoning is a bit squiffy.
   So, I have put on about 1kg, I'm not happy with it, but I know it's a good sign. I'm not going to start eating less, 1750 is good for me - if not still a little under what it should be - instead I'm going to stick with it and trust the exercise.

My October workout plan is:
Monday: CdF MMA cardio of choice (out of 4)
Tuesday: CdF agility of choice (out of 2)
Wednesday: CdF MMA cardio of choice (out of 4)
Thursday: core strengthening, personal build or CdF
Friday: CdF MMA cardio of choice (out of 4)
Saturday: CdF MMA cardio of choice (out of 4)
Sunday: bed and books all day.

   I'm excited, I've got an agility ladder coming, and I have new clothes. YAY. It's simple, but I love the tie-back VS top with a copper-gold panel, and a rather old print for Fabletics but one whose colours appealed to me big time. And the May The Force Be With You was too much to pass up at £4.99 on Sports Direct. I went in there to get Seeg jumpers...
   I'm keeping to 1750 calories a day, I'm adding more oats into my porridge, and half a scoop of protein, and I'm generally enjoying eating more and not restricting myself so much. My concentration and performance has improved, and all the more so since I started taking iron + vitamin C supplements. I've heard they can have bad effects on people - like constipation or cramps or similar - but I've been okay. Should that change - or be the case for you - try gentle iron instead. It's made from a different strain of iron that is absorbed much more quickly and easily and so doesn't lead And remember: tea, coffee, eggs and calcium inhibits the absorption of iron, while vitamin C improves it. So if you have red meat or leafy greens, don't eat them with cheese or milk. Try instead some veg high in vitamin C like broccoli, cauliflower or sweet potato or lemon salad dressings.


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