Friday 26 October 2018

Friday Favourites

BRR. It has been a cold week. And a stressful week, but it's ending on a higher note than it began. And higher still if the postman gets here. It's Red Dead Redemption 2 release day. I've cleared my weekend for it because, aside from family troubles, I've been working pretty hard this week. I had a little bump of Etsy orders to fill, which has been great and has kept me busy and my mind occupied, so I've more than earned the break. Though I'm also riddled with guilt because I got a custom order that I put 2 weeks into, was happy with, sent on to the customer and suddenly feel like I could have done better. I'm contemplating what to do about it, because I'm not satisfied letting it lie. Silence is approval, but in this case, I seriously doubt it. That will be the sole exception to my weekend off.

Otherwise, Grenade recently released gingerbread carb killa bars. When it comes to protein bars, I am of a mind that if it looks like a chocolate bar, smells like a chocolate bar and tastes like a chocolate bar, it's a chocolate bar. Carb Killas, however, are my exception. It's my go-to if I want to be naughty without too much guilt. Pulsin's chocolate chip & peanut raw brownie is another favourite, but that's made of dates and wholesome things like that. This is chocolate. And while I usually only have one or two bars in the house, which will sit in the cupboard for a couple of months before finally being reached for (that's strength), I actually have four of these hidden away...
And also also, this tiny hot water bottle from Aussie. It's adorable. I got it for free from Superdrug last year - if I'm honest, it was the reason I bought my first bottle of Aussie shampoo. I'm glad I did - it's gorgeous. Seeg occasionally steals it. The shampoo, not the bottle.

Aussie miniature hot water bottle   ♥   Red Dead Redemption 2


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