Friday 23 February 2018

Friday Favourites

We're buying our wedding rings today. I am so excited!! We know what we're after, we just have to go in and make sure the sizes are right. We're stopping in Wagamama for some gyoza for lunch too - yum! And all the green tea I can drink.
As for this week's favourites, my media is Assassin's Creed Origins' new DLC, which is quite different from the usual stuff. AC games are very historical, while the story has an element of fantasy. Assassins working at pivotal points in history, where there are a lot of famous figures as antagonists with the plot being more of a fantasy twist on their true activities - such as famous tyrants who, among their well-known actions, are also after the Apple of Eden in a bid to bend everyone to their will. Origins is based in Ancient Egypt during Cleopatra's reign, but in this newest DLC, Discovery Tour, we don't actually play any new story. Instead it's an interactive tour. These games are made with a lot of involvement by historians and Origins was no different, and this DLC actually teaches rather than offers any game play. It's actually awesome if you're in to history, as Seeg and I are, and is so vast that Ubisoft have actually released the DLC as a standalone program on Steam so that even people without Assassin's Creed Origins can get involved, and it's a great way for kids to learn. Personally, I consider it a valuable resource as a writer, an insight into a dead religion, way of life and ancient wars and invasions.
Otherwise, I have my eye on these gorgeous ivy lights from Paperchase for our wedding dinner decor. I'm pairing them with tiny handmade nests and Hotel Chocolat praline eggs as favours.

Oh, and, also, chocolate salami. Forget chocolate eggs, this is what you really want. Trust me, chocolate has never melted in the mouth so smoothly. It's also locally made, heyo.


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