Monday 5 February 2018

February: BarreAmped Bounce

   I got a trampoline for Christmas. Yes, I am actually five years old. But that means that I can finally try rebounding and use Suzanne Bowen's newest BarreAmped DVD: Bounce!
   Following on from last year's efforts to back off of my workouts every now and then, after completing Jillian Michaels' Killer Body workout over the course of 9 weeks, it's the perfect time to step back. So, this month I'm turning to BarreAmped Bounce as my 'something low-impact' for the next few weeks, and while barre, like Pilates, can certainly get great results, it's all in the definition of the muscles and it's kind to your heartrate. Which really just means it's not very cardio-focused. And I hate cardio. I do it because I must, but unless it's kickboxing, I would rather be lifting

   BarreAmped Bounce consists of five workouts, averaging 13 minutes each, split into various focuses - arms & abs, thighs, booty, total body and cardio. I'll be pairing them up for each session and following each with the cardio section. Arms & Abs with Total Body, and Thighs with Booty. I'm expecting more resistance involved in all but the cardio section, so I can stick to my usual set up of resistance first, using up the energy (glycogen) in my muscles without wearing myself out, and then use cardio and get better fat burn because, by that point (about 25 minutes in), I will have used up the glycogen without getting fatigued and my body will have to turn to its fat stores for fuel instead.

   I say all this, but I am also aware that this program is most likely going to be so low-impact (by my standards) that the difference between the resistance and cardio sections will be minimal, and far from what I'm used to. But the idea this month is to wind down without stopping, and to try something new. And this looks like fun!
    I'm using this DVD for only four weeks, so I'll update, as usual, half way through and again at the end.

   And, of course, yet more gorgeous leggings from Fabletics. This gilded granite print is covered in flecks of metallic bronze! If it's metallic, I'm sold.


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