Sunday 24 December 2017

Sigh It Out...

   This past week has been wonderful. It can be so challenging to run your own business, especially over Christmas; it can utterly consume your life. For five weeks straight, Myth of the Wild was all I thought about. It kept me up at night, worrying about getting orders out in good time, whether or not there would be many delays in postal systems (there were) and how many angry customers would blame me for it, or, just as bad, be generally disappointed. It never goes smoothly in December, but it was nowhere near as bad as I'd feared, and most of my customers have been very understanding. But I've been so glad to finally be able to turn away from it and relax, sleep and waste time.
   I've been playing The Witcher 3 all week, and a few days ago I started soft work on my book again - pen and paper, no laptops, and lots of crossing out. Writing by hand can really help to free your mind of pressures to get things done.

   Now, however, it is Christmas Eve; I'm wearing a gorgeous teal green dress from Pepperberry after a hefty HIIT and kickboxing workout, I've got cider marinaded gammon for dinner with the promise of a stuffed duck tomorrow; Seeg and I watched Star Trek Beyond last night (and it was actually okay) and are watching Star Wars VI tonight with some Hotel Chocolat chocolate cake, and I've got a truly scrummy hot chocolate for first thing tomorrow morning chased, no doubt, by whatever additional yummies Seeg is likely to present me with.

   I wish you all a wonderfully warm, happy and healthy Christmas filled with laughs and wonderful company, be it family, your partner, or just a few close friends.
   Stay safe, stay calm (or at least try to avoid stress and negativity where possible) and stay happy!

Merry Christmas!


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