Friday 1 December 2017

Etsy Favourites

Happy Freaking December!!
Did you all crack open your advent calendars with zeal today? I certainly did. Only one of them, though. Naked Marshmallow in the morning, and then my own which I filled with Hotel Chocolat goodies this evening. I even accompanied my apple spice porridge with a cup of teapigs' gl├╝hwein tea. It's basically mulled wine in tea form.
I am so ready for Christmas.
And because I'm so ridiculously ready to be festive (I've been holding it in for so long), today's Etsy feature is full of brazen Christmas accessories - jewellery, crowns, nails - so that you can unleash your inner tinsel monster just as loudly!

Laser cut Ho Ho Ho earrings   ♥   Winter floral crown
Reindeer antler hair clips   ♥   Christmas pudding ring
Mince pie brooch   ♥   Christmas press-on nails

As for a necklace, I was cheeky and reserved that slot for one of my own. This tiny snowman necklace measures just 2.5cm tall and contains a never-melting 1cm snowman in a hat and scarf on a bed of snow. What more could you want?


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