Saturday 9 December 2017

Lean Greens & Beating Christmas Bloat

   When Christmas comes along, I like to do anything I can to give my health a little boost knowing that it's my most unhealthy month. Though, as you can see from my 'how to beat Christmas weight gain' post last week, I already do a lot by eating healthily, saying 'no' to treats that I know aren't really worth it and exercising more efficiently. But I also use supplements.
   Now, in a bid to lose weight, up until half way through this year I used to take all kinds of supplements from silly things like raspberry ketones to more elaborate thermo fat-burners. Not one of them worked. I have a whole post to go up about that soon.
   But what I have learned is that, while 'supplement' now fills me with a sense of dread, not all of them out there are bad. In fact, some of them I sill use, and it's easy to tell which are good because they're the ones that don't make outlandish claims. If something that isn't a piece of gym kit claims to help you lose weight, it's nonsense.
   So aside from protein shakes (85% protein minimum) after almost every workout and multivitamins and an extra vitamin D (England!) and magnesium (prone to migraines) every morning for the past year or so, when I know things are going to get a little...well not quite so 80/20 anymore, I like to turn it up a notch with more efficient exercise, ensuring resistance and cardio in every session, and implementing a little more natural goodness. And super green powders are the easiest way to do it.

   'Greens' in this case refers to those funky green powders you see people mixing into juice or smoothies, and generally consist of greeeeen things like spirulina, barley grass, chlorella and so on for a multitude of benefits in a concentrated daily dose.
   There are loads of green powders on the market. I've tried a few, and it's true that they're not the most enjoyable thing to drink, but they're really good for you when not packed with extra rubbish. And anyway, not everything that is good for you is pleasant. Looking at you, burpees.
   This Christmas I'm turning to Lean Greens since they have a great profile and aren't filled with extra cayenne (how is that even green?!) or caffine, and I'm still looking for one I can stomach a little easier. But aside from the taste - which Lean Greens themselves say 'if you sip it, sniff it, linger over the colour, the harder it gets' - I'm expecting the same boost I always get from these kinds of products. My skin always looks a little better - who doesn't want that at Christmas? - and my energy levels are a little higher with all the circulating nutrients.

   If taste turns out to be the same as the rest - and given the lack of artificial flavourings and the like, I'd be surprised if it didn't - I'll mix it with kefir, which I started making myself in the summer, or some lovely festive and highly anti-oxidising cranberry juice. Either way, my Christmas workout began on Monday, I have a lovely delivery of Graze multipacks including the return of the mince pie flapjack YAY! And I've also nabbed some gorgeous new fit bits over Black Friday.
   I am so ready for Christmas. Where are the mince pies?!


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