Monday 18 December 2017

Killer Body - 2 Weeks Later

   In truth, I've been too busy with my Etsy shop to really spare much thought about this Killer Body workout. I've not missed a day, and I've given it my all - in fact, since the Christmas tree went up, whose lights I always turn on for my workout, I've found renewed energy, enthusiasm and power. But I've not had the time to fret about it.
   I've been alternating: Monday is lower body, Wednesday is upper body, Friday is either kickboxing or total-body resistance, and Saturday is both core and kickboxing. Tuesday and Thursday are supposed to be rest days, but I admit that I've been using FitFlow Max from last month on those days for a little more movement and active recovery.
   But, as we enter Christmas-week, my set-up is changing. Lower body Monday, with optional cardio, upper body Wednesday with cardio, yoga Thursday, lower body again on Saturday and both core and kickboxing on Sunday (Christmas Eve). It's true that I'm fitting in an extra day of Killer Body and a little more cardio once my body is in fat-burning mode, but I'm absolutely ensuring that Tuesday and, this time, Friday, will be proper rest days. Why? Because by doing more resistance that week, not to mention my lack of rest but for Sunday over the past two weeks, I need more recovery time. The very last thing I want is to get a migraine on Christmas day.
   But my Etsy shop has closed for Christmas, which means that I have more time to myself and less stress, so less reason to resort to yoga and exercise as a stress-release and more opportunity for general relaxation, and it also means I have the time for a soak in the bath. I have my magnesium flakes, which should help muscle recovery and stave off the migraine, as well as being a generally enjoyable time with a Lush Christmas bath bomb and a deliciously indulgent hot chocolate.

   But, as for the workouts themselves, Killer Body is tough but doable. Upper body and core leave me sore, but they're not that bad while you're doing it so there's little room for dread. Lower body, on the other hand, is brutal, but it's balanced by the fact that the first two of the four circuits are the worst, and it gets easier (or, rather, more tolerable) from circuit three onwards. So while I do dread lower body, when I have the time to fret, it's also not so bad once you're in it. You have to focus on what you're doing and that silences your mind, and when it starts to hurt, it becomes a little better.
   It's always such an achievement when I finish them, and by using isolated, focused workouts - though arms, legs and core are engaged in each program, it's just that the focus and emphasis changes accordingly - your body can recover more easily from the past workout and that means that it's easier to work out again the next day or so because you won't be focusing on the same muscle groups.

   I'll update again in 2 weeks, and hopefully I'll get a DVD review for Killer Body written this year...


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