Saturday 5 October 2013

Thread Gifts For Your Boyfriend

   I don't know about the rest of you, but I really struggle with buying gifts for my boyfriend. He is extremely unhelpful about it, too. If I ever ask he just gets suggestive in, well, that kind of way, but he will never tell me what he'd like me to buy him. So, I'm left to my own imagination, and that's difficult when he only really likes games, and games are either too expensive, or there are none out that he's interested in because he has the awful tendancy to get them as soon as they're released, leaving me with nothing to get him.
   So, instead, I'm left to other, random things, and all I can think of is the boring stuff: stuff he'll use, stuff he needs, and if there's one thing I can't stand, it's being given, and giving, things that are needed. Perhaps it's the child in me talking, but Christmas is about junk, stuff you want that you have no use for, and splashing out on the big things you want and never had a good excuse to get. Like expensive figurines. What? Oh, nothing.
   Anyway, the best thing I can think of is clothing. Let's face it, everyone needs it. Even naturists. Everyone gets cold, right?

   Hoodies. This is something Seeg wears constantly, even in the summer. It's just part of his overall immaculate look. He keeps it simple, neutral tones, and he rocks it. So, neutral hoodies are a good place for me to start. Not to mention that, as his girlfriend, I enjoy stealing his body heat, and there is no body heat there to steal if he's cold!
   I saw this great hoody on Capology. In fact, Capology had an awful lot of great stuff. Not all of it would suit Seeg, but I know that some of you ladies out there would find this stuff perfect for your own lads.
   This King Apparel Dappa hoody looks quite thick and toasty for a hoody, it's a nice neutral grey, and it's plain. That's one of the more important aspects of the hoody, it's not showy. I can't stand big brands that slap their logo all over their clothes, like little crocodiles playing polo. I like things nice and simple, and so does he.

   This cap - it's not so Seeg, and in truth, I think girls pull caps off way better than any man, whether the lady has long or short hair, straight or hugely curly. Women just rock these hats, they always have and always will.
   But, it still stands as a good gift for your fella.
   I love these New Era caps, especially the ones with comic book heroes. I personally dislike Spiderman - I never enjoyed any of the movies. I am not a fan of Superman, and I am not a fan of...well, many of them at all. But Batman is pretty cool, even if Iron Man does win by like a million miles. So these comic book hats are great - for him or for you! Prove me wrong. I dare you. We have an Alienware laptop, and they sent a free cap with it. I basically claimed it as my own. Well, he got the laptop!! It's only fair. Especially if I look better in it than he does.

  Scarves! Very important in the winter. I love the colour of this one from 47 Brand, really nice neutral autumny colours. I'm sure men aren't too fussed about such colours, but, from a female standpoint, there's nothing wrong with some minor co-ordination between clothing and environmental colours,

   T-shirts are one of the basic essentials, really. Like underwear. Everyone needs some. This one is quite cool, I love the colour, and the snake image. It's from The Riot Club, again from Capology, and the delivery charge on such a product is really nice, too. For me, the shipping fees can make or break it, but as the t-shirt's page shows, it's only about £1.99. I usually end up paying more than that everywhere else.

   I would never recommend just buying clothes for anyone as a gift, unless they're homeless or need new clothes because they're falling apart, or if they're genuinely not interestedin anything else. But buying a few things that are needed if you're a little bit stuck along with other things can still be a great gift - if you get it right. Buying clothes is not easy, especially when the two of you have differing styles. I know for a fact that if I decide to buy something for Seeg, but I have to pick between two, I will always choose the wrong one. An example: I had to choose between Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Diamond - the difference, to those who are unfamiliar, is the legendary pokémon. Pearl and Diamond both have a different Legendary Pokémon that you can only catch one of. The pokémon on the cover is the one in the game, and the other isn't in that version at all, you have to trade with another player to get it and fill your pokédex. I looked at the two and thought that the Diamond Pokémon looked a bit shit, so I chose Pearl, thinking it looked better. Typically, fifty/fifty chance, I chose the wrong one. It didn't go to waste, though. He let me play it instead. I recently decided on two gifts for Christmas and his birthday this year, and again I had to make a choice between three for each of them. But, instead of choosing the one I thought he'd like, because I thought it looked better, I chose one of the others. We'll see if I was right to do it or not. But clothing is also difficult for me to get him because I'll always choose the wrong design, and while we both prefer plain, I sometimes find plain too...well, plain.


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