Saturday 5 October 2013

Arcane Eye Chocolate Truffles

   This is my third piece for my WoW Crafting Challenge: Chocolate Arcane Eyes. Arcane  Eyes are floating spheres of magic, usually conjured by mages to get a closer view of things further away, and act as sentries, but these are rogue magical embodiments roaming the area outside of Karazhan, my all time favourite raid, and only true haunted house in the game. The history behind the location is one of my favourite stories, following a mage who had been possessed by the leader of the Burning Legion (infinite army of demons) very early in his life and eventually just went batshit insane. He was freaking awesome and his story is a sad one.
   And before I get onto it, I must give a special shout out to Vicky of VividPlease for being a star and printing a screenshot from the game for me, of the area outside of Karazhan where they roam. I printed it myself but it came out pink. Yes, pink. I wouldn't have had a backdrop for this picture if not for her, and while I could have tried to edit the screenshot in behind it, I'm quite certain it would not have gone well. So thank you Vicky!

    These were a pain to do. I've made chocolates a hundred times before, but I've never done them quite like this. Usually they consisted of milk or dark chocolate, since white chocolate is the least healthy chocolate in terms of cocoa (those 'happy chemicals' in chocolate only actually exist in dark and raw chocolate. The greater the cocoa %, the healthier and happier it is, and you can't get much more concentrated than raw chocolate), and I'm not as keen on it, but it would have been a true challenge to colour milk chocolate light blue.
   Coating chocolates in chocolate - or anything in chocolate - is difficult because of the tempering (heating and cooling process) the chocolate goes through before it makes it onto shops' shelves. I had heard of Candy Melts by Wilton some time ago, but never bothered with them because they were white chocolate - in truth, they're not really chocolate, but they taste like white which doesn't appeal to me too much. But for this, I decided to get some. They're designed to be melted and then cool again. If you melt a chocolate bar and cover something in it, it won't set quite properly. It'll melt much easier once it's hardened which makes for messier products. The Candy Melts, however, were made with this in mind, and are totally solid after cooling.
   I was planning on buying white ones and colouring them, but just so happened to find some in the perfect shade of blue, which saved me £3 on food colouring, and messing around trying to get the shade right, and cleaning the blue stains afterwards. I also bought 2 bottles of lustre dust in Ice Blue and Ocean Blue, though I only ended up using the former.
   I also used three Galaxy milk chocolate bars and a bit of heavy cream to make the ganache filling.

   To see the full post, including how I made them, see the original post over at The Wyvern's Tail.


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