Saturday 19 October 2013

Custom My Little Pony Night Elf Druid

   This is the fourth piece for my WoW Crafting Challenge over on The Wyvern's Tail, and as always, I'm showing you here because I'm proud of it. This one especially. I originally started with a G3 Petal Blossom, and gave her a new face, new hair, new ears and an outfit. I am so bloody proud of it. There is one big problem with it, though, and that's that her mane has split. Because I used polymer clay, I had to put her in the oven. I used the advice online from other customisers, who said to reduce the temperature and the time the clay would usually be in the oven to avoid damage to the pony, but it didn't work at all. However, the hair does not simply fall out, and the split goes from the front root to the end, but it's not that visible. The only time it's a nuisance is if you try to brush her hair, because you'll pull it out. However, it's easy enough to push back in, but if you squeeze her neck together while brushing her hair, none comes out at all, so it's all good. Regardless, customised My Little Ponies are never intended as toys, they serve more as ornaments, so she's quite safe while she's sat in my book case ^^

   There are full pictures of the process on The Wyvern's Tail including a write-up, so if you're interested, head over to the original post.


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