Monday 14 October 2013

6 International Shopping Weeks Until Christmas!

   Christmas is about 10 and a half weeks away, so in the interest of safety we shall assume it's 10 weeks exactly.
   As in my last post at 12 weeks on the subject, these 10 weeks become about 8 weeks if you're buying online to safely accommodate the shipping rush (although, to be fair, most of the time delivery companies will increase the delivery rounds in the last two weeks before Christmas. We never usually receive van deliveries by Royal Mail after 11am where I live, but we were receiving 2 a day last Christmas, one before 11am and another by about 6pm). Those 8 weeks, however, become just 6 weeks if you're buying from overseas with a safe timeframe. Now, this may not be of consequence to a lot of people. I know that my boyfriend - sometimes rather annoyingly - keeps his Christmas shopping within the UK, but I don't. I've got 3 things already in my possession for him, one of which came from the US, and I have a few more in mind.

   So, let me please warn you all that, wherever you are, if you're buying from overseas for Christmas, don't leave things too late. Couriers do tend to step up and meet the demand at Christmas, and I have, in fact, noticed a significant decrease in time taken for items to arrive overseas around Christmas, but I cannot guarantee that this would always be the case
   I will be posting Christmas purchasing deadlines in my shop, so it is advised that you buy before those dates to avoid disappointment. At the moment, the dates appear as follows: 

International (everywhere outside of Europe): December 15th
Europe: December 17th
UK: December 20th

   These dates may change, and were estimated by Royal Mail. There are shipping options available for next day worldwide with other couriers, but, of course, the shipping fee is pretty steep even for tiny packages such as my own, at around £50 at least.

   However, if you plan to buy from me for Christmas, you can use the code 12WEEKS for 20% off until the 20th of October in Peaches and Pebbles - that's just one week, but it can make a difference.


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