Monday 21 October 2013

Movember Mugs

   Movember is soon upon us. I'll be honest, I hate moustaches. I don't know why, I just do. The only person who should be allowed a moustache is Tom Selleck. But, regardless, Movember is for a good cause (provided the people growing moustaches for Movember know why they're doing it).
   Cancer is horrible. It is. I hope never to experience it. The only member of my family I've lost so far, my grandad, has been to stomach Cancer. Seeg has lost a lot of his family to different forms of cancer, which makes me worry an awful lot about his health. His aunt was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, only about 2 weeks ago (she's lucky: they found it bloody early so she has a good chance of pulling through). And I, naturally, also fear for myself. 1 in 3 odds of developing cancer is damn scary stuff.

   And so, despite my distaste towards moustaches, I do support Movember, as long as people know why they're doing it, which is to raise awareness - and that's half the battle - of men's health and men's cancer. Breast cancer is well known, and is generally seen as a women-only threat. It isn't. But prostate and testicular cancer does only target men, and a lot of men may be a little too proud to get themselves checked out. Not all of them, but a lot never the less.
   YourDesign, another personalisation company, have recently revealed a range of Movember moustache mugs, and it has to be said, I never knew how many different moustaches there are. I rather like their Einstein and Fu Manchu 'taches, myself.
   For every £7 mug sold, YourDesign gives a portion of the profits to the appropriate cancer charities, and there is definitely a moustache to suit every face taste.

   I've compiled a moodboard this time of items that, when purchased, donate a portion of the profits to relevant Movember charities. If you're going to buy a moustache product labelled as 'Movember' this year, on or off Etsy, make sure that there are donations included. It's astounding how many products are labelled as 'Movember' (A charity movement) and don't donate. If you're unsure if they do or not, don't hesitate to contact the sellers, be they on Etsy or elsewhere. Movember is a charity event and shouldn't be taken advantage of for someone's own pocket.

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Ren, of The SnakeSkin Trunk, has put together a team of Movember participants called The Tea Mustacheers. Donate or join them in their effort to raise money and awareness.


  1. Thanks for including my mustache septum ring! I, of course, donate a portion of sales from each mustache sale, all year long. I also wear my sweet 'staches for Movember. Follow my month-long adventure:

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    1. I know, they're so funny I had to include them!


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