Monday 23 September 2013

My Crafting Challenge (and where I've been for 2 months)

   Okay, so, I've been pretty silent for a long time. I told you last time that I'd post more, and, well, I didn't. But, I'm about to tell you my not-so-sure-if-it's-a-good-reason-yet reason.
   As you all know, I started a second blog, focusing on World of Warcraft since I know not many of you care for games, and games are a big part of my life. And as you also know, so is crafting. For the last 2 months, I've been working on a challenge that combines the two quite fiercely - a challenge that I set myself, and am nowhere near finished with.
   The aim of my challenge is simple: make as many different things as I can that are World of Warcraft inspired, out of as many different creative mediums as I can, without repeating an art medium. Over the past 2 months, I've completed 7 items, and I have 4 more planned, and others in mind with no work yet. I wasn't prepared to start posting them online until I had several ready, because I wanted to post one a week, and while some of these things only took a few hours, a few took a few days, while one in particular took a whopping three weeks, and it's that one that I am most proud of.
   I will be posting these items on The Wyvern's Tail, but because I'm so proud of them, because it's creative stuff, and because so much time went into them, I'll be posting them over here too, but without so much of a write-up. If anyone wants more info on the item itself, they can head over to the original blog post which will be provided at the end of each post here, and check it out, including how I made it, and links to Etsy listings for the few pieces I plan to sell in order to try to make a little of the money back.

   So this is really just an introduction sort of post. The challenge could be extended to other games beyond WoW. I chose World of Warcraft because it's a game I have played actively for almost 6 years now, and is very broad and therefore provide a lot of different creative options, but other games and franchises could work, too. Alternatively, you could do this same challenge with a movie franchise, or TV show, but to be fair, it would be a lot easier, more interesting, and broader to do it with something fantasy-based.
   Some creative mediums have a lot of subgenres, however, and so I've allowed myself to explore them individually. One such example is culinary; in my mind, cooking, baking, confectionary, chocolatiering and cake decorating are different things, though all take place in a kitchen, and result in an edible product, and so far, I have completed one, and have planned two more of the above subgenres.

   So...yep. Starting next week, I'll be posting one thing a week from my challenge, and I'll stop when I either run out of mediums, run out of non-ear-marked money (though that would be more of a haitus), or run out of items to post. I set myself the goal of either 15 items, or whenever I run out of mediums. Whichever comes first, unless I can push on beyond that, after which point I can quit any time. So I'm very excited to start posting things, but I'm going to start with the least interesting and work into more exciting stuff once I've got the obvious mediums out of the way.


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