Saturday 28 September 2013

Button Badges!

   When I was in high school, I had the best bag in the world. It was by a brand called XS Punk, and it was black, with tartan straps, it had a little pocket on the front with a metal skull on it which I used to hold my eyeliner - back then I went through a pencil every 2 weeks, that's how heavy my eyeliner was back in my 'punk' days. I don't remember where I got it, or how much it was, but I don't have it anymore - I lost it - and, though I've tried, I've not found a picture of it online at all. So you'll have to use your imagination. But anyway, this bag, I can tell you with confidence, was the size of an A5 notebook - the kind you use for you work in school - and the bag could hold 6 of them. That was it. I used it for 3 years and went without lunch because of it. Fortunately my friends always fed me; Catherine gave me her sausage roll, her pizza, or whatever else it was she had. My friends hated me for it because she was already very skinny, but we found out about 2 years ago or so that she actually has Coeliac's, so I was helping, really, in some way.
   This bag was utterly covered in button badges. I've always loved badges, but I've never been one to wear them. The only time I do is if it's my birthday, or this one enamel pin badge I had of a blackbird that I wore on my black breasted coat. Otherwise, my badges have always had one allocated slot, and after I lost that old bag I had nowhere to put them.
   I have a new bag now, and it's got badges I've been given as gifts or as thank yous, badges I've made and badges I've bought.

   I've wanted to make my own badges for a long time, I've wanted to sell them - though I have no designs for them at all - but I've never known how to go about it. I had a Badge-It machine when I was younger and it didn't last long, and I sure as hell can't afford an industrial one for a minor business venture. I'd never been able to find a company to make them, either, but I guess I was using the wrong search words or something, because I came across Badge Master recently.
   Badge Master are quite interesting, because they don't just make ordinary badges. They make button badges, name tags, and even enamel badges. I was really surprised to see that later option! So I'm feeling a little excited in the back of my mind, because now I'm presented with the option of designing badges - not just button badges, but enamel ones too. I've always felt enamel pin badges were nice little gifts or keepsakes, and a lot classier than button badges :P but I'm sure most people think that, too.

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