Monday 30 September 2013

Motivation, But No Energy

   Well, I've been feeling quite tense lately. I've caught a cold, either from my sister who refuses to come round the house because she says she has a cold, but if she's asked for money, somehow she seems to decide it doesn't matter at that moment. No, us getting a cold isn't that bad, but it really is for my mum, given her condition.
   I'm feeling physically and mentally horrible, despite the many things I have been doing for my shops, blogs and writing - in truth, I've been doing lots of great work lately, but the more I seem to do the worse I physically feel, but if I take the time out to relax as Seeg suggests, I feel so guilty for not doing anything useful with my time.
   I can't get myself to exercise. I used to knock out an hour of cardio in the morning and half an hour of strength in the evening. Now I'm lucky if I can knock out even 45 minutes combined. And the longer I leave it without working out, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things. Of course, I know all I can do is force myself to get back to work, because only I can change my mental state, but it's finding the energy and motivation to make that first push that I'm struggling with.
   I'm having a hard time sleeping, I don't know why, but while I can get to sleep easily enough, when I wake up I don't feel remotely refreshed. Yes, I have a cold, but I've had colds before and they've not affected me like this.
   To be honest, now I've said all this, I think it's joint being slightly ill and also having not worked out in a while. My body's weakening and I need to energise myself again with it all. Plus, my cold would budge a lot faster if I picked myself up and cheered up, because, while no one really knows why, your mental state has a huge affect on your immune system. I think it's simple, really. I think, if you're feeling down in the dumps, you're not feeling very energetic, and so your immune system isn't as energetic either. It's not as strong because you're slightly giving up and your overall strength is dropping. In some cases, like someone's passing, then it can't always be helped, but feeling bad emotionally will have an affect on your body. And I don't really have much reason to feel down.

   The upside, like I said, is that I have been doing great work lately. I've been writing plenty and well, I've been crafting a lot, both for fun and for profit, though I have yet to totally finish anything to list it yet, I've started reading again - it's been a while because I've been doing so much other stuff - and I've figured out some gifts for Seeg. Unfortunately, his birthday is the 28th of December, 3 days after Christmas Day, and with my own birthday on January the 9th, money is very tight towards this time of the year, so I'm worrying about that a bit. Still, I'm doing all I can about it, but I still don't feel like it's enough.

   How is everyone else feeling at the moment? Anyone have any advice for how I can pick myself up?


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