Monday 2 September 2013

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In 2005 there was an incident called the Corrupted Blood Incident. Real world epidemiologists and anti-terrorist officials took notice, and observed peoples reactions to the event. It was a highly contagious disease that could kill in seconds, and was spread from one person to another by simply being near them. Some people who could help to heal affected individuals offered their services, while other people who couldn't help in that manner directed people away from the infected areas, such as major cities and towns, while some other people entirely decided to spread it - some by accident, and others on purpose. Remember I said that real world epidemiologists studied the case to watch human behavior towards it, and anti-terrorist officials observed the people spreading the disease purposely? This all happened in World of Warcraft due to a bug. Yes, a debuff (a spell cast upon someone by someone else or due to an action that inconveniences the character) contracted from a raid boss was spread purposely through the game by other players who found they could teleport out of the instance to major cities and spread the disease. Major cities are filled with players both high and low level, and while the high level players could survive it, lower levels were killed off almost immediately. These are real people spreading it around, and real people directing others away from cities rather than just playing the game and doing their own thing, and actual organisations and scientists studied this. Dying in World of Warcraft isn't permanent, but it is bloody annoying.

Bethesda are releasing a single anthology of all of The full Elder Scrolls games so far released, starting from Arena, released in 1994 going all the way to Skyrim released in 2011. Yes, it includes Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, both of Morrowind's expansions, Oblivion and all of its DLC, and Skyrim and all of that game's DLC. For £50. Morrowind alone costs £30!

A screenshot I took on World of Warcraft for day 12 of the #WoWscreenshotaday challenge made it onto WoW Insider's daily feature of 'Around Azeroth'

Building your own gaming computer: introduction and planning.

The Burdens of Shaohao full video list.

MachinimaPrime made a Skyrim fanvid. It's good, but I was a little disappointed in Astrid. But I'm not keen on that bitch anyway.


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