Wednesday 28 March 2012

An Apology.

   I can't honestly tell how many of you have noticed, but I must still apologise for being so distant lately. I've failed with Project 52 (though that doesn't mean I've given up), and I am hoping that I'll be back on track in April. Truth be told, I've been swamped. Not really with anything, but my head has been filled up with all kinds of thoughts and meanderings that have made it nearly impossible to function. The two largest things are a game (I know) and my writing.
   The game, either Oblivion or Mass Effect, it doesn't really matter, has rendered me completely useless. I was on the xbox for an entire day on the weekend - that might not seem like much to avid gamers like my boyfriend, but for me, an entire day on the xbox is quite extreme. I usually don't touch the thing in honesty. Maybe once a month I'll put it on, but lately I've been all about Oblivion. I started it a couple of months ago and never really got on with it (after seeing Skyrim, the graphics and voice acting really did seem very poor), but a few days ago I decided to do something in the game that had nothing to do with the main story line. Suddenly, I'm hooked onto it. When I'm upstairs, and should be writing, all I can do is either watch Seeg play Mass Effect, or sit restlessly wanting to play Oblivion. It's terrible. So there's that.
   And then there's my writing. I've not been doing that well sticking to my scheduele with actual writing, but I can't turn my thoughts away from submitting it. To date, I have submitted it to five agencies by email, one of which has already gotten back to me with an apology because now, suddenly, they don't take fantasy - all right, that's fine, hopefully I'll have more luck with the others who have said that they do - and I still have six to post preliminary letters to.

   Funny thing about that, though. A while ago I had a great idea. My book is set in a time of writing letters onto parchment with quills and wax seals - you know, the typical fantasy stuff. And following something I was told by my A Level English teacher (I think), I decided that first impressions count. I decided to write my preliminary letter in the form of a letter from one of my Mages' Guilds. I then decided that it was a stupid idea and scrapped the whole thing, but when it came to actually writing the normal preliminary letter, addressing envelopes and sticking stamps on them, I came to a screeching halt. I don't know if it's my way of putting it off because I'm scared of the volume of rejection I may well receive, or whether I genuinely believe it's a good idea again, but I decided to go back to my original idea.
   I spoke to the lovely Katrina of Katrina Alana, who sells gorgeous wax seal supplies (which, to be honest, I've been looking for a good excuse to buy for months now), and she gave me the shipping estimates (which I'm surprised at, they're a lot quicker than I expected!), and, long story short, I'm going through with it. I've found my seal (I decided to just get my initial for the stamp instead of a custom seal, since that's what they use in my book anyway, and it will keep the stamp valid for life ♥), I've found my wax, and I've found my parchment. I've even written the letter, though I'm not sure what to think about it.

   I'll grab a picture of it when it's all put together so you can all see it, because I'm quite proud of the idea. At the very least, they will remember my letter, or at least its appearance, better than others, and that might work in my favour, if only slightly.

   For now though, as I said, I am sorry for being so distant. Hopefully I'll have a Project 52 tutorial up this week or next week, but for now I fear I'm still quite pre-occupied. So I'll leave you with the picture of my bookcase once I tidied it. Yes, this is the bookcase tidy.

I never realised quite how bad it is. I think I'll head back up and try again :P

Until next time!


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